Steve Madden net worth

Steve Madden net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Steve Madden

Steve Madden net worth

It has been announced that the total estimate of Steve Madden net worth reaches as much as 120 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. Steve Madden is mostly known as a businessman, who has founded his own shoe company called Steve Madden Ltd. In addition to being its founder, Steve Madden is also serving as a CEO of it. Thus, this company is also regarded as one of the main sources of Steve Madden net worth.

In addition to being known for his nigh net worth, Steve Madden has also earned his fame through being a successful owner of the company which has achieved a lot of awards. For example, in 2006, his company got a title of the Company of the Year, which was given to it by the Footwear News Achievement Awards.

However, in addition to his success in business, Steve Madden has also got some controversies and legal troubles. In 2001, Steve Madden was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was convicted of stock manipulation as well as fraud of securities and his sentence was to stay in prison for 41 months. During the time when he was staying in prison, Steve Madden had to leave his position in the company as a CEO.

Instead of being the CEO of the company, Steve Madden got another position there – being a creative consultant. However, this position still managed to bring him huge sums of money, which increased the total amount of Steve Madden net worth, as well. While still being sentenced, Steve Madden per year got a salary of 700 thousand dollars.

Giving some background information about the businessman, he was born in 1958 in Queens, New York City. He was born in a family of three kids – he has two older brothers. In 1990, he began his career as a businessman when he sold shoes directly from his truck to people, and at that time he had only a little bit more than 1 thousand dollars to start this business. Therefore, today it is quite surprising that Steve Madden net worth reaches 120 million dollars.

The merchandise sold by his company can be bought in many countries all around the world. In 2012, it was stated that the company has made revenues of 1.23 billion dollars. Steve Madden’s personal life is also well known. He is married to Wendy Ballew, with whom he has three kids.

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