Steve Martin plastic surgery

Steve Martin plastic surgery

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Steve Martin plastic surgery

When we are talking about plastic surgery, we usually think about female celebrities, but the truth is that nowadays gender doesn’t really matter because it’s a popular thing for celebrities to get at least little plastic surgery when they start getting older. Having this in mind, there’s nothing strange that people started creating rumors about Steve Martin plastic surgery. As everyone knows, he is a famous Hollywood actor and comedian, best known for his roles in movies “The Pink Panther Two”, “Father of the Bride”, “It’s Complicated” and many others.

Most of the speculations about possible Steve Martin plastic surgery began when actor started getting older. According to plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, Steve Martin might have had little plastic surgery procedures done, but they were very subtle. It is possible that he might have had a face lift and Botox injections to keep his face youthful. Another plastic surgeon Dr. Salzhauer has also expressed his opinion on this subject. He has started that while usually he would recommend Botox for everyone, Steve Martin is an exception.

Reason for this is that is is very important that comedy actor would be able to freely show all kinds of different expressions on his face and Botox would probably make this difficult.

Actor himself hasn’t confirmed nor denied any of the rumors about his possible plastic surgery. The only proof to support these rumors are photo comparisons. However, even if we look at them, it is still hard to decide whether the little changes might have happened because of plastic surgery or entirely different reasons. Most of the people who believe that there really has been a Steve Martin plastic surgery are pointing to the pictures which were taken from his movies, which, of course could have been altered with photo editing programs and effects – they are not a reliable source of information. One way or another, Steve Martin looks as handsome as he did before and he doesn’t look like one of the plastic surgery celebrities.

All in all, there is no evidence to confirm any of the Steve Martin plastic surgery rumors. At least for now, it seems that Steve Martin is aging gracefully without any kind of surgical altering and he still looks great. He is a great example which shows that people can look beautiful even when they start getting older and they shouldn’t be ashamed of some wrinkles and lines on their face.

Did Steve Martin Undergone Plastic Surgery

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