Steven Seagal net worth

Steven Seagal net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal net worth

Steven Seagal is one of the most popular mixed martial artists, who also show their skills in action movies. It has been stated that Steven Seagal net worth has an estimate of 5 million dollars. Steven Seagal has accumulated his net worth through not only being a successful mixed martial artist, but also through his career in cinema industry, where he has appeared in many action movies and established himself as a huge action movie star between the years 1980-1990.

Steve Seagal was born in Michigan in 1952 to his mother who was involved into medicine field and his father who worked as a math teacher in high school. He lived in Michigan till he reached five years old. When he was only a kid, he began taking karate classes and when Steve Seagal was 17 years old, he got an opportunity to visit Japan for the first time in his life.

He stayed in Japan for 15 years and became quite a celebrity there. He became the first American, who was running a dojo in Japan. Finally, Steven Seagal came back to the United States, where he opened his own dojo, and which started to bring huge revenues to the overall amount of Steven Seagal net worth.

His first dojo was founded in New Mexico. Another dojo of the star was opened in California soon after.

Also, Steven Seagal made a lot of friends who were involved into Hollywood industry. These friends helped him to find a job in Hollywood, where he first worked as a coordinator for action films, where mixed martial artists appeared. This job also added some extra revenues to Steven Seagal net worth. Such movies included “Never Say Never Again” and “The Challenge”.

Soon, Steven Seagal became not only a worker behind the scenes, but also appeared in the big screen. His first big role was in a film called “Above the Law” which was released in 1987. He continued to appear in action movies and established his name as a major action movie star. These films not only added popularity to him, but also increased the total amount of Steven Seagal net worth.

The movie which is considered to be the one which added the most fame to him was “Under Siege” released in 1992. The movie grossed more than 156 million dollars in the box office. In 1994, Steven Seagal debuted as a director with his production of the movie called “On Deadly Ground”.

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