Steven Tyler net worth

Steven Tyler net worth

Net Worth: $130 Million

About Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler net worth

Steven Tyler, real name Steven Victor Tallarico, is best known as the main singer of the legendary band Aerosmith. Steve is also a songwriter and plays harmonica, piano, and percussion. For the extremely wide voice range and a specific character Tyler is sometimes called “Demon of Screaming”. The Rolling Stone, one of the most influential US magazines, has ranked Steven Taylor among the greatest singers of all time. Steven Tyler net worth is currently estimated at $130 million.
Steven was born in 1948 in a family of Susan and Victor A. Tallarico.

His father was a skilled pianist, classical musician. It seems like along with the name Steven has inherited his talent. Tyler’s father was of German and Italian ancestry, his mother was of English and Polish decent. Tyler co-founded Aerosmith in the beginning of 70s, when he was just a little over 20 year old. Some of their signature songs, like “Dream on”, were written by Tyler even before that. Steven met his future band mates Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton during a rock concert in 1969. As he later revealed, Tyler was impressed by the inner charisma of the two musicians and liked their attitude towards music since the moment he first saw them performing.

This was a fatal acquisition that eventually brought Steven Tyler net worth of over $100 million and curved his name into the history of rock and roll music.

In 1971 a band signed a contract with Columbia records and released their debut album, which was followed by Get your Wings in 1973. Around that time their legendary song “Dream on” was released, but did not attract much attention and stayed below the 50th rank on radio charts. The band has managed to gain popular acclamations only after 1975, when their third studio album Toys in the Attic was released, followed by Rocks in 1976. After this breakthrough Steven Tyler net worth started growing on the fast track.

Sadly, around the same time Tyler’s drug problem became apparent even to the eye of non professional. By the end of the 70s Tyler and Perry were named by the media the Toxic Twins for their extensive use of heroin and other stimulants. Drugs were one of the reasons behind Aerosmith’s short break up in the 1979. That year the Toxic Twins had a huge argument, after which Perry left the band to pursue career with The Joe Perry Project. The next year Tyler had to put a hold on his career with the Aerosmith after he got seriously injured during motorcycle crash. After the realization that the use of drugs is putting in danger not only his career, but also his life, Steven became clean and the band reunited. Aerosmith’s latest album was released in 2012 and added another solid sum to Steven Tyler net worth.

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steven tyler net worth steven tyler net worth

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