Susan Sarandon net worth

Susan Sarandon net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon net worth

Susan Sarandon is one of the most well known American actresses. It has been estimated that the current sum of Susan Sarandon net worth reaches as much as 50 million dollars. She is known for a lot of appearances in movies. Probably the most well known ones and the ones for which she was awarded and recognized are “Dead Man Walking” and “The Client”. For the latter movie, she was awarded with the BAFTA award, whereas for the former one Susan Sarandon became a recipient of an Academy Award. Her appearances in those two movies not only earned her awards, but also increased the total amount of Susan Sarandon net worth.

In 1970, Susan Sarandon started her career as an actress when she appeared in a film called “Joe”. In the same year, she also debuted as an actress on a soap opera, called “A World Apart”. All in all, Susan Sarandon has been nominated for an Academy Award five times, for five different movies, including “Dead Man Walking”, “The Client”, “Atlantic City”, “Lorenzo’s Oil” and “Thelma and Louise”. These movies also increased the overall sum of Susan Sarandon net worth.

For her work on TV, Susan Sarandon also received nominations, those being basically of Emmy, for her work on shows, such as “You Don’t Know Jack” and “Bernard and Doris”. Thus, her involvement into TV has also added to the overall recognition of the actress and it also increased the overall size of Susan Sarandon net worth.

There are also many other movies and shows, from which Sara Sarandon is well known, and these movies include “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, “White Palace”, “The Lovely Bones”, “Igby Goes Down”, “The Hunger”, “Pretty Baby”, “Enchanted” and many more. In 1999, Susan Sarandon was named as the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, which was a huge achievement to her outside acting industry.

Susan Sarandon was born in 1946 in New York City. She is the oldest of nine kids in her family. In 1969, she auditioned for a role in a movie called “Joe”, and in fact she got the role. It is also worth mentioning that she auditioned together with her husband, however, he did not get any part in the movie. Later, she became a star on soap operas, such as “Search for Tomorrow” and “A World Apart”. In 1971, she appeared in two more films, those being “Lady Liberty” and “The Apprentice”.

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susan sarandon net worth susan sarandon net worth susan sarandon net worth

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