Suzi Quatro net worth

Suzi Quatro net worth

Net Worth: $20 Million

About Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro net worth

It has been announced that the total amount of the current Suzi Quatro net worth reaches 20 million dollars, which makes her one of the richest singers of her generation. In addition to being a singer, she is a songwriter and instrument player. Moreover, Suzi Quatro is an actress and this career has also increased the overall estimate of Suzi Quatro net worth. Suzi Quatro is regarded as one of the most influential female singers of rock music. Suzi Quatro became the first female bass player to become a major rock star.
In the 1970s, the singer released quite a lot of hit songs, which became popular in Australia and Europe. Suzi Quatro released a duet with Chris Norman called “Stumblin’ In”, which landed in the 4th place in the US charts. In 1979, the single hit the top in charts in Australia. Thus, the sales of it have also increased the overall size of Suzi Quatro net worth.
In 1973, the singer released her first solo album. Since that time, 15 more studio albums of hers have been released. In addition to that, Suzi Quatro has recorded one live album and ten compilation albums.

Suzi Quatro has released a lot of songs, which became hits internationally, including “Devil Gate Drive”, “Can the Can”, “Daytona Demon”, “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me” and “48 Crash”. Therefore, the sales of her albums and singles have also increased the overall estimate of Suzi Quatro net worth.
In the period of 1973-1980, the singer received six Bravo Otto awards. In 2010, Suzi Quatro’s name was chosen to be inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends online Hall of Fame. More than 50 million copies of her records have been sold worldwide and such sales have also increased the current sum of Suzi Quatro net worth. Up until this day, Suzi Quatro has been performing internationally. In 2011, she released one of her latest albums. Also, Suzi Quatro is appearing on some radio shows.
Born in 1950, Suzi Quatro got interested in music when she saw Elvis Presley perform on TV. At that time, she was six years old. She attended piano lessons. Later, she self-taught herself how to play the guitar and bass. Her father was also involved in music as he was a jazz singer in the group called The Art Quatro Trio. Suzi Quatro would usually play drums with the band. Then, she began to appear on TV as a go-go dancer in some series. In the 1960s, she joined a group of her sister called The Pleasure Seekers. The group released two singles, called “Light Of Love” / “Good Kind Of Hurt” and “Never Thought You’d Leave Me” / “What A Way To Die”. In 1969, this group changed its name to Cradle.
In 1971, Suzi Quatro moved to England, where she began to work with record producer Mickie Most. Her first single was called “Rolling Stone” but it became successful only in Portugal. Since that time, she has released more singles, which became famous everywhere in the world.

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