Syleena Johnson net worth

Syleena Johnson net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Syleena Johnson

Syleena Johnson net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Syleena Johnson net worth is as high as 2 million dollars that she has earned through her successful career as an RnB singer. In addition to her involvement into this music genre, she is also known as a soul singer. Moreover, music career is not the only one that has brought a lot of financial success to Syleena Johnson net worth, she is also known as an actress.

The singer was born in 1976 in Illinois. She got involved into music at a very early age because his father was involved into this industry, as well. Syleena Johnson liked to listen to recordings by Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and Al Green. When he entered high school, Syleena Johnson became interested into soul music. In high school, Syleena Johnson joined her school’s gospel choir. Her career as a singer was even more further motivated by her music teachers of high school. However, she did not get much support from her father due to the fact that he was struggling himself in music industry. Moreover, when she was a teenager, Syleena Johnson’s parents divorced.

In 1994, her father released the album called “Back in the Game” and Syleena Johnson also contributed to this album, as she sang and wrote a couple of songs of this album.

During all this time, Syleena Johnson has also suffered from vocal nodules, and as a result of it, she had to undergo speech therapy.

When she started studying at Drake University, Syleena Johnson got accepted to the university’s gospel and classical choirs. Although initially she was a student of psychology, Syleena Johnson soon changed her focus and decided to study music instead. It was also this time when she started to compose her own songs, and song writing became one of the main sources of Syleena Johnson net worth, too. In 1996, Syleena Johnson was transferred to Illinois State University, where she graduated and got her degree in music.

In 1997, Syleena Johnson got signed to Jive Records, which also started to promote the singer. However, before she got signed to this label, she already was performing in various venues as an RnB artist. In 1999, her first record was released, which was called “Love Hangover”. Since that time, she has released many more recordings, all of which added up to the total amount of Syleena Johnson net worth.

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