Talia Balsam net worth

Talia Balsam net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Talia Balsam

Talia Balsam net worth

Talia Balsam is a popular and successful actress, who has appeared in a lot of films and TV series. These appearances not only increased her popularity but also added up a lot of revenues to the overall sum of Talia Balsam net worth, which has been stated to reach 4 million dollars, according to the current calculations.
Talia Balsam was born in 1959 in New York City in a popular family as her father is actor Martin Balsam and her mother is actress Joyce Van Patten. The actress was also known for her marriage with George Clooney, but today she is married to John Slattery. Talia Balsam was studying at a boarding school in Tucson, Arizona. In 1989, Talia Balsam got married for the first time, which was to George Clooney, with who she lived until 1993. In 1998, the actress got married for the second time, this time to John Slattery. With him, she is a parent to one boy named Harry Slattery. With John Slattery, Talia Balsam was appearing in the TV series called “Mad Men”, where they played a wife and a husband.
Talia Balsam has appeared in many films, which all increased the overall size of Talia Balsam net worth.

In 1979, she appeared in her first film called “Sunnyside”, in which she played the role of Ann Rosario. In 1984, Talia Balsam was chosen to play the part of Liz Dolson in the film called “Mass Appeal”. In 1986, Talia Balsam appeared in two other films, called “The Supernaturals” and “Crawlspace”. One year later, the actress appeared in three movies, called “P.I. Private Investigations”, “The Kindred” and “In the Mood”.
Two years later, she was chosen for the role of Catherine Walker to portray in the film called “Trust Me”. In 1991, Talia Balsam had a role in a short film called “The Walter Ego”, in which she appeared as Susie the Whore. In the same year, the actress appeared as Emma in “Killer Instinct”. Her most recent film appearances include “Little Manhattan”, “The Cake Eaters”, “Conviction”, “No Strings Attached”, “Return”, “The Girl in the Book”, “Choose” and “Little Men”. Therefore, all of these films have also increased the overall estimate of the current Talia Balsam net worth.
In addition to her film work, Talia Balsam has appeared in a lot of TV productions. In 1977, she played the role of Nancy Croft in the TV soap opera called “Happy Days”. In 1978, she appeared in more TV series, such as “Fast Lane Blues”, “The Initiation of Sarah”, “Stickin’ Together”, “The Millionaire”, “Taxi” and “Dallas”. In 1979, Talia Balsam appeared as Rona in the TV film called “Survival of Dana”. In the same year, she appeared in one episode of the series called “The Runaways”. Her most recent TV work includes such TV series and shows as “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Homeland”, “Elementary”, “Mad Men”, “The Good Wife”, “Divorce” and “The Newsroom”. Thus, her TV appearances have also played a huge role in increasing the current amount of Talia Balsam net worth.

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