Tamara Mellon net worth

Tamara Mellon net worth

Net Worth: $180 Million

About Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon net worth

It has been reported that the current amount of Tamara Mellon net worth reaches 180 million dollars, which makes her one of the wealthiest businesspeople in the world. She put her name on the map when she became one of the founders of Jimmy Choo, which is a company of expensive shoes, handbags and accessories. In the company, she served as the chief creative officer. The company also added up a lot of revenues to the overall size of Tamara Mellon net worth. In 2011, she stopped working in the company when it was bought by Labelux.
Two years later, she created her own company called the Tamara Mellon brand. This company, like the previous one, focused on the production of shoes, handbags and accessories. However, in 2015, the company went bankrupt. During those three years of operating, her company also increased the current estimate of Tamara Mellon net worth.
Tamara Mellon is currently living in New York City as well as London together with her daughter named Araminta Mellon. Tamara Mellon was born in 1967 in London. Her father was a businessman and her mother was a model who worked for Chanel.

Tamara Mellon was raised with her two younger siblings. Tamara Mellon was married to a popular businessman, Matthew Mellon. In 1976, she moved to California with her family. Thus, from that time, she spent her time in two places – London and California.
Tamara Mellon began her career when she was hired to work at Phyllis Walters Public Relations. In 1990, British Vogue hired her to be the magazine’s accessories editor. Tamara Mellon gave the idea of creating shoes company to Mr. Jimmy Choo. Thus, the company was eventually created, which became a huge source of increasing the overall sum of Tamara Mellon net worth. Besides operating in the United States, she set offices in Italy. The first store of Jimmy Choo was opened in London and later expanded to the United States, including Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and New York. In 2001, the company began to cooperate with Equinox Luxury Holdings Ltd. Eventually, more stores were opened all around the world, in cities such as Moscow, Milan, Hong Kong, Dallas, Washington DC, Boston and many others.
In 2007, Tamara Mellon’s name was placed as 751st in the list of the richest people in the United Kingdom, which was created by the Sunday Times Rich List. Tamara Mellon was named as the 64th richest woman in Britain.
Tamara Mellon is also known for some political activities. She is a member of the New Enterprise Council, which includes businesspeople who advise the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom to issue policies related to business. In 2010, the British Government titled her as a ‘global trade envoy for Britain’. In 2008, she became a member of the Board of Directors of Revlon. In addition to that, she is working closely with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. In 2010, because of her work in the fashion industry, Tamara Mellon became an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

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