Tara Lipinski net worth

Tara Lipinski net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Tara Lipinski

Tara Lipinski net worth

It has been stated that the current size of Tara Lipinski net worth is as much as 4 million dollars. Tara Lipinski is mostly known as a figure skater, and this career has brought not only fame to her, but also financial success. The skater was born in 1982 in Pennsylvania. However, she was raised in New Jersey, where she also began her career into skating. She started to attend figure skating classes when she was not yet attending kindergarten. A couple of years passed and Tara Lipinski started to compete in various competitions and championships.

One of her first biggest winnings was getting a title at the United States Roller Skating Championships in 1991. At that time when she was competing there, Tara Lipinski was only 9 years old. At the same time, Tara Lipinski also got interested into figure skating, which eventually became a huge part of her life, and also added up to the overall amount of Tara Lipinski net worth.

When her family settled in Texas, Tara Lipinski moved to live to Michigan, where she attended figure skating training. In the period of 1994-1995 Tara Lipinski competed in various competitions, winning a lot of titles and usually she would become the youngest one to earn them.

After she decided to change her figure skating coach, Tara Lipinski achieved even more.

In 1997 Tara Lipinski became a winner of the World Championships and also the US Championships. These winnings also made her the youngest athlete since at that time she was 14 years old. With such high winnings, it is also clear that her financial situation increased and it helped to accumulate Tara Lipinski net worth that she has today. In 1998, Tara Lipinski competed at the Olympic Games in Japan. There, she became a winner of the Gold Medal. After such high winning, Tara Lipinski decided to become a professional figure skater. Over the next couple of years, Tara Lipinski spent her time touring. However, it had to be stopped when she began to suffer injuries.

Today, she is known to be working as a commentator on the show broadcasted on Universal Sports, which is also regarded as one of the main current sources of Tara Lipinski net worth. In addition, Tara Lipinski is also known as a member of many non-profit seeking organizations, thus, she is a philanthropist, as well. In 2014, Tara Lipinski was working as a commentator on the Sochi Olympic Games.

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