Ted Danson net worth

Ted Danson net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Ted Danson

Ted Danson net worth

Ted Danson is one of the most well known names in the cinema industry. It has been known officially that the estimate of Ted Danson net worth currently reaches 60 million dollars. He started to gain attention when in 1982 he was selected to portray a role of Sam Malone in a TV show called “Cheers”. The show lasted till 1993. Between the years 1998-2004, Ted Danson was appearing on another show called “Becker”. There, he portrayed a role of Dr. Becker. Also, he was appearing on a TV show called “Damages”, in which he starred as Arthur Frobisher.

Currently, he is known to be appearing on the popular TV series of “CSI”. It has been stated that for every episode of that show he is getting 250 thousand dollars. Such amount of money increases the overall amount of Ted Danson net worth, as well. Moreover, when Ted Danson was at the peak of his acting career, it was claimed that he was receiving 500 thousand dollars per episode.

His involvement into acting has been appreciated an evaluated. Besides having his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he is also known as a recipient of various awards, such as Golden Globes and Emmies.

When he was attending high school, Ted Danson was active in basketball. However, when he entered college, he excelled in acting classes and this turned to be his future profession which today adds huge sums of money to the overall amount of Ted Danson net worth. In the early 1970s, he graduated.

Initially, Ted Danson was only appearing in TV commercials and only later he began getting more serious roles in TV shows, TV series and films. Also, in 1970s, Ted Danson was appearing on a TV show called “Somerset”. Since then, he has also had a lot of guest appearances in various TV series and TV shows, such as “Magnum P.I.”, “Benson” and “Taxi”.

In 1982, he got a role which made him a huge star and it was in the previously mentioned TV show “Cheers”. Also, the role in it won him a lot of recognition as well as financial success, which added a lot of revenues to Ted Danson net worth.

After this show ended, Ted Danson appeared in a couple of films, one of them was a popular movie called “Three Men and a Baby” and its second part called “Three Men and a Little Lady”.

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ted danson net worth ted danson net worth ted danson net worth

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