Ted Turner net worth

Ted Turner net worth

Net Worth: $2 Billion

About Ted Turner

Ted Turner net worth

Ted Turner is regarded as one of the richest media moguls in the world with Ted Turner net worth reaching 2 billion dollars. Ted Turner is also known as a successful businessman. One of his ventures includes being a former owner of Atlanta Braves. Ted Turner is also known as an owner of various world known companies, such as CNN, TBS and TNT, which added millions of dollars to the overall estimate of Ted Turner net worth.

In addition, Ted Turner is considered to be the largest landowner in the whole United States. The businessman also owns chain of Ted’s Montana Grill. Ted Turner is one of the biggest philanthropists in the country, as well. Talking more about him as a founder of various channels, besides the previously mentioned CNN, TBS and TNT, he is also known as a founder of Cartoon Network, WTBS and MGM. Moreover, he created a popular animated TV show called “Captain Planet and the Planeteers”, which also adds revenues to the overall estimate of Ted Turner net worth.

Talking about his restaurant chain, which is one of the main sources of his net worth, he owns 46 restaurants, which are located in 16 states in America.

In 2010, he started his involvement into restaurant business and since then this involvement of his has brought him a huge fortune.

Ted Turner was born in 1938 in Ohio. When he was still a kid, he moved to Georgia with his family. In Tennessee, he attended a private school only for boys. After graduation, Ted Turner was studying at the Brown University, where he was involved in the school’s sailing team and also was a vice president of the Brown Debating Union. Initially, his subject in the university was Classics. But this subject was not approved by his father, so Ted Turner later switched to economics.

However, when Ted Turner was caught in his dormitory spending time with a girl, he was immediately expelled from it and did not get a chance to graduate. Ironically enough, in 1989 he was back to Brown University in order to deliver speech for the National Association of College Broadcasters and even received an honorary B.A. degree.

When he was expelled from school, Ted Turner got enrolled into business, which added a lot of financial success to Ted Turner net worth. One of his first involvements was his helping his father in Billboard business and opening his own company called “Turner Advertising Company”.

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ted turner net worth ted turner net worth ted turner net worth

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