Teller net worth

Teller net worth

Net Worth: $175 Million

About Teller

Teller net worth

It has been reported that the overall estimate of Teller net worth is 175 million dollars. A huge part of this net worth has been earned through his career as a magician. Moreover, he is also an illusionist, actor, writer, director and comedian. He is also appearing with the act called “Penn and Teller” and he is known as a silent part of their shows. Appearances with “Penn and Teller” have also increased the overall amount of Teller net worth.

He was born in 1948 in Pennsylvania. Talking about his career in performing, Teller started his career accompanied by his friend named Weir Chrisemer. The two named their performances as “The Othmar Schoeck Society for the Preservation of Weird and Disgusting Music”. In 1974, Teller made friends with Penn Jillette, with whom he formed the previously mentioned act, “Penn and Teller”. In the beginning, the duo was joined by Weir Chrisemer. Thus the title of the act was also a different one, it was known as “Asparagus Valley Cultural Society”. The act was performing mainly in the area of San Francisco.

In 1981, the act was shortened to only “Penn and Teller” and it is still active today, thus, it is also regarded as one of the essential parts when it comes to accumulating Teller net worth.

In 2013, the duo even got their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The next day after they got this award, the duo was awarded with the Magicians of the Year award by the Magic Castle.

Talking about their performances, Teller usually does not speak during shows, but if he does, it is usually in places where audience does not expect him to speak. Teller in the beginning of his career as a magician got used to not speaking during his acts. He also noticed that when he was not speaking during shows audience was more concentrated on his actions. Furthermore, it is also known that in various shows Teller is appearing with his face covered and he usually also speaks with his face covered, too.

During many interviews which he is giving to documentaries, he is also speaking with his mouth hidden. However, in 1995, when he appeared in a film called “The Fantasticks”, he started to speak more and more. Teller has also served as a voice actor in the show “Celebrity Apprentice”. Thus this has also added up to his popularity and also Teller net worth.

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teller net worth teller net worth

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