Teri Hatcher net worth

Teri Hatcher net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher net worth

Teri Hatcher is a well known actress as well as a host and presenter. It has been reported that the overall amount of Teri Hatcher net worth today reaches a sum of 50 million dollars, which makes her one of the wealthiest people in the industry. In addition to those mentioned careers of her, Teri Hatcher also used to be a cheerleader of the NFL. Teri Hatcher is probably mostly known to a lot of people because of her appearance on the TV series called “Desperate Housewives”, where she has been appearing as Susan Mayer. Another show from which she is also well known is “Louis and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”, where she was chosen for a role of Lois Lane. Thus, both of these shows have also added up to the overall amount of Teri Hatcher net worth.

However, it was her role on the show “Desperate Housewives”, which made her a well known internationally actress. Because of her appearance on that show, Teri Hatcher has also earned a few awards, such as three SAGAs as well as a Golden Globe award.

Teri Hatcher was born in Palo Alto, California, in 1964. Teri Hatcher was raised in Sunnyvale, California.

In one of her interviews, Teri Hatcher confessed that when she was growing up, she was sexually abused by her uncle. Also, she claimed that at that time her parents did not even know about this fact. As a result, her uncle was sentenced for 14 years to stay in prison. After six years of his service there, he died.

Talking about her beginning in acting, Teri Hatcher was a student at the American Conservatory Theater. Before she got involved into acting full force, Teri Hatcher also served as a cheerleader of the NFL for the team of San Francisco 49ers.

One of the first roles which she got was on the show called “The Love Boat”, in which she appeared in the period between the years 1985-1986. In 1986, she got a role on another show called “MacGyver”, where she stayed for three years.

However, the show which is regarded to be her breakthrough one is “Louis and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”. The show also began to add bigger sums of money to the total amount of Teri Hatcher net worth. Later, she got more popularity when she was casted for a role of Susan Mayer on the popular TV series called “Desperate Housewives”.

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