Terri Clark net worth

Terri Clark net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Terri Clark

Terri Clark net worth

It has been estimated that the overall amount of Terri Clark net worth reaches 10 million dollars, according to the current calculations. Terri Clark has become well known because of her career in country music. She became successful in both the United States and Canada, where she is mostly recognized.
In 1995, Terri Clark signed a contract with Mercury Records. In the same year, her first album was released, called simply “Terri Clark”. In 1996, the singer released another album called “Just the Same”. Two years later, Terri Clark’s third album was released, called “How I Feel”. All of these albums were certified platinum in Canada and the United States. The sales of them have also added up a lot of revenues to the overall estimate of Terri Clark net worth.
In 2000, Terri Clark released an album called “Fearless”. This album became more successful in Canada than in the United States. In Canada, it got a gold certification. Three years later, Terri Clark released one more album called “Pain to Kill”. Two singles from it were released, which became successes in the United States, called “I Wanna Do It All” and “I Just Wanna Be Mad”.

In 2004, the singer released her greatest hits album. One single from it was released, which became a number one hit, called “Girls Lie Too”. In 2005, Terri Clark released her final album on Mercury Records, called “Life Goes On”.
In 2007, the singer signed a contract with BNA Records. Under this label, she released two more singles, called “In My Next Life” and “Dirty Girl”. The sales of them have also increased the overall size of Terri Clark net worth. Six singles recorded by her landed in the first place in charts, such as “You’re Easy on the Eyes”, “Girls Lie Too”, “In My Next Life”, “If I Were You”, “Emotional Girl” and “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”.
Terri Clark was born in 1968 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She grew up in Alberta. Her grandparents were also involved in the music industry. In addition, her mother was a Canadian folk music singer. When she was still little, her parents divorced and she adopted the surname Clark from her step-father. When she was studying at school, she already wanted to become a country music singer, which eventually became the main source of increasing the overall sum of Terri Clark net worth. She was working in a Chinese restaurant in order to earn money to move to Nashville, Tennessee.
When she moved there, at first she worked at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. Eventually, she signed a contract with PolyGram/Mercury Records. In 1995, her first single on this label was released, called “Better Things to Do”. The single landed in the Top 5 in charts in the United States and Canada. Soon after the release of her first single, her debut album was released, called “Terri Clark”. In fact, she wrote or co-wrote eleven songs included on the album. Eventually, the album was certified as platinum by the RIAA.

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