Thom Yorke net worth

Thom Yorke net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke net worth

Thom Yorke is a well known musician and as such he is also known as one of the richest. It has been announced that the overall size of Thom Yorke net worth reaches 35 million dollars as of right now and he has accumulated such a high net worth mainly through his careers as a singer as well as a song writer. Thom Yorke is probably mostly known from the band called “Radiohead”. In the band, he is serving as the leading member as well as a leading song writer. Thus, the band has also added up to accumulating the total estimate of Thom Yorke net worth.

As a member of the band, he has released 8 albums. Moreover, in addition to his career as a band member, Thom Yorke is also known as a solo act. As such, he has released 1 album. Thom Yorke’s most recent involvement into music is known to be touring with another band, called “Atoms for Peace”. This is also regarded as one of the current sources of Thom Yorke net worth.

Thom Yorke was born in England in 1968. Thom Yorke rose to fame when he joined the band “Radiohead”, where he is serving as the leading singer, song writer, pianist and guitarist.

One of the most personal things about the musician is that he was born with his left eye shut. That means that he had to suffer a lot of surgeries while being a little kid.

Thus, in order to gain more self-confidence, Thom Yorke got involved into music and started attending piano and guitar lessons. Eventually, playing these instruments became an inseparable part of his life. Because he was teased a lot in school, Thom Yorke started to work harder and established a band, which today is known as “Radiohead”, which also made him a millionaire and this can also be proven by Thom Yorke net worth.

He formed the band in 1985 and the band eventually became known as one of the most successful rock bands, usually placed next to Pink Floyd. Initially, the band was named “On a Friday” and only later the title of it was changed. The initial name of the band refers to the day when the band started rehearsing. The band was started when all its members were still students. Thus, they became known only after they finished school and were able to focus on their music careers fully.

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