Thomas Keller net worth

Thomas Keller net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller net worth

It has been calculated that the current amount of Thomas Keller net worth is as high as 30 million dollars. Thomas Keller has earned his net worth because of his career as a chef, restaurateur and cookbook author. Thomas Keller is an accomplished restaurateur as he has received quite a few honorable mentions and awards from the James Beard Foundation. He is mostly known for his landmark restaurant called The French Laundry, which was established in Yountville, California. The restaurant is also considered as one of the main current sources of increasing the total size of Thomas Keller net worth.
In 1996, Thomas Keller received the title of the Best California Chef. In 1997, he was announced to be the Best Chef in America. The mentioned restaurant of his, The French Laundry, is often included in the annual Restaurant Magazine list of the Top 50 Restaurants of the World.
Thomas Keller has another successful restaurant called Per Se. In 2005, because of the success of it, he was awarded the three-star rating in the inaugural Michelin Guide for New York. One year later, Thomas Keller received three stars in the inaugural Michelin Guide to the Bay Area for his most popular restaurant, The French Laundry.

Thus, he is quite an awarded chef. In fact, Thomas Keller is the only American chef who has been given simultaneous three star Michelin ratings for two different restaurants. Currently, Thomas Keller has 7 Michelin stars – 3 at The French Laundry, 3 at Per Se and one at Bouchon.
When he was little, Thomas Keller already knew that he wanted to be a chef and restaurateur. His mother worked as such and when her cook got ill, she hired Thomas Keller to work for her. When he was a teenager, during summers Thomas Keller would work as a cook at the Palm Beach Yacht Club. He soon got interested in French cooking, which inspired him to open The French Laundry, a restaurant which made him popular and increased the total amount of Thomas Keller net worth by a mile. In 1987, he opened a French cuisine restaurant called Rakel.
In 1994, he opened The French Laundry. This restaurant became one of his most successful ones. In 1998, Thomas Keller with the help from his brother established Bouchon. A few years later, they established Bouchon Bakery nearby Bouchon. Thomas Keller has joked that he opened Bouchon in order to eat somewhere after his work at The French Laundry.
Before he established The French Laundry, Thomas Keller established an olive oil business called EVO, Inc. He is the president of the Bocuse d’Or U.S. team. In 1999, Thomas Keller released his cookbook called “The French Laundry Cookbook”. The sales of it have also added up to the overall estimate of Thomas Keller net worth. In 1999 as well, his cookbook received three International Association of Culinary Professionals awards for the Cookbook of the Year. Also, it won a Design Award and Julia Child “First Cookbook” Award. In 2004, Thomas Keller published another cookbook called “The Bouchon Cookbook”.

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