Tichina Arnold net worth

Tichina Arnold net worth

Net Worth: $12.5 Million

About Tichina Arnold

Tichina Arnold net worth

Tichina Arnold’s name is quite a well known name in entertainment. She is known as a singer and an actress, and these two careers of hers have been the main ones when accumulating Tichina Arnold net worth, which has been stated to be 12.5 million dollars. A huge part of her net worth has been accumulated because of her role on the show called “Martin”, where she was casted for a role of Pamela James. Another show for which she is also well known is “Everybody Hates Chris”. Thus, these two ones have played a huge role when increasing the total amount of Tichina Arnold net worth.

Tichina Arnold was born in Queens, New York, in 1971. When she was 4 years old, Tichina Arnold joined the local choir at church. When she was 8 years old, she appeared in her first play, which was “The Me Nobody Knows”. The play was organized to be portrayed at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn. Thus, it was the first local play in which Tichina Arnold appeared. Since that time, she got so much addicted to acting, that she appeared in many more plays in various theaters and supper clubs, as well.

In 1983, she appeared on her first major production, which was called “The Brass Ring”. Later, she got a role on the most popular show in which she has ever appeared, called “Martin”. She has appeared in another popular sitcom called “One on One”. As a movie actress, Tichina Arnold has appeared in a couple of well known films, such as “Wild Hogs” and “Big Momma’s House”, which also added up to the total amount of Tichina Arnold net worth.

One of her most recent appearances has been on the show called “Happily Divorced”. Also, she has been chosen as a cast member of the show called “The Wiz Revival”, organized at the New York City.
In addition to her involvement into acting, Tichina Arnold is also well known for her career as a businesswoman. As such, she has launched her company called “China Moon Rags”, which is known for producing headgear. Thus, this is also regarded as one of the main sources of the current sum of Tichina Arnold net worth. Her produced headbands are favorites of many celebrities. They are also well known for being one of the most luxurious headbands, since all of them are known to be embroidered with Swarovski crystals. However, when she gave birth to her first child, she stopped her production line.

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