Tiesto net worth

Tiesto net worth

Net Worth: $65 Million

About Tiesto

Tiesto net worth

Tiesto, real name Tijs Michiel Verwest, is a Dutch DJ, musician and record producer, known for his empowering electronic dance music rhythms. For most of his professional career Tijs Michiel Verwest used to sign his works DJ Tiesto, but since his latest record reached the stores the musician represents himself simply as “Tiesto”. He gained prominence in the late 90s, working with a producer Dennis Waakop Reijers. Tiesto rose to international fame in 2000, following the release of his remix “Silence”, which featured Delirium and Sarah McLahlan. Starting in 2002, this musician was voted as the best DJ in the world for three consecutive times. With such a success, no wonder Tiesto net worth today amounts to $65 million dollars. For his work in music industry Tijs holds numerous awards, but probably the greatest honour he has ever received was the chance to perform at the opening ceremony of Summer Olympics in Greece. For this occasion he made a special mix compilation, which was later released under the name Parade of the Athletes.
Tijs Michiel Verwest originates from Netherlands, North Brabant.

His professional career, which eventually boosted Tiesto net worth to tens of millions, started in a small club in his hometown, Brena. Although during the first years as a DJ Tiesto wasn’t well paid, the separate stage in The Spock club, which belonged to him every weekend to 4a.m., allowed him to fine-tune his original style and gather a small audience. In early 90s Tiesto landed a contract with labels Chemo and Coolman. During this period he used such aliases as DJ Limited, Da Joker and produced gabber/hardcore tracks. In 1994 he met Arny Bink and was signed by the company Basic Beat. Tiesto went on to work with Planetary Consciousness, until he met a fellow Dutch DJ Ferry Corsten. The two artists formed a duo Gouryella and released a number of world famous hits. Their singles “Walhalla”, “Gouryellla” and “Tenshi” charted within top 50 not only in Netherlands, but also in the United Kingdom, and added a solid sum to the current Tiesto net worth.
Tiesto‘s debut solo album, entitled In My Memory, was released in 2001. It featured 15 major hits, including „Obsession“, „Battleship Grey“, „Lethal Industry“, „Suburban Train“ and eponymous single “In My Memory”. Needless to say, the album was a great financial success and marked the beginning of his impressive international career. Following this break through Tiesto net worth started to grow at the speed of light. Sadly, it looks like his professional success costed Tiesto his personal relationships. In 2008 his long time girlfriend, Dutch supermodel Monique Spronk, broke off their engagement due to his constant travelling and delays of their marriage.

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