Tiffany Evans net worth

Tiffany Evans net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Tiffany Evans

Tiffany Evans net worth

Tiffany Evans is a well known person in show business, where she is known as a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. In addition to that, she has started her own business, which has also added up to the total estimate of Tiffany Evans net worth, which currently has been calculated to reach as much as 1.5 million dollars and it is expected that her net worth will increase even more in the future.
In 2003, she started to get more recognition when she appeared in the TV show hosted by Arsenio Hall called “Star Search”. In the show, Tiffany Evans won the title of Grand Champion in the junior singer division. Tiffany Evans became the first contestant on the show to get perfect scores for all of her appearances. As a winner of the show, Tiffany Evans signed a contract with Columbia Records. In 2008, the label released her first album, called “Tiffany Evans”. Two singles from this album were released, called “I’m Grown” featuring Bow Wow and “Promise Ring” featuring Ciara. The sales of her debut album have also added up to the total amount of Tiffany Evans net worth.
She was born in 1992 in the Bronx, New York City.

She was born in a big family as she is the seventh out of ten kids. When she was growing up, at one point, the whole family was living in a van. When she was 9 years old, Tiffany Evans appeared on “Showtime at the Apollo”. In 2003, she became more known as it was the year when she became a winner of the Grand Champion title in the junior singer division on the talent show called “Star Search”. In the competition, her rivals were David Archuleta and Lisa Tucker, who later appeared on “American Idol”.
Tiffany Evans then appeared in one episode of the TV series called “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. When she was 10 years old, Tiffany Evans was offered to sign a contract with Columbia Records. Then, she got a small part in the CBS production called “The District”. In 2005, she appeared in her first feature film called “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Thus, her acting work has also increased the total size of Tiffany Evans net worth.
In 2004, Columbia Records released her first single called “Let Me Be Your Angel”. Soon after that, her debut album was released, which included 8 songs. Then, she released a holiday track called “The Christmas Song” and her version of “Star Spangled Banner”. In 2007, her single from the album was released, which was a collaboration with Ciara, called “Promise Ring”. In 2008, her second single was released, this time with Bow Wow, called “I’m Grown”. The sales of her singles have also added up to the total sum of Tiffany Evans net worth.
Tiffany Evans has worked with many well known and respected producers in the industry, such as RedOne, Rodney Jerkins, The Clutch, Soulshock & Karlin and Mr. Collipark. Her second album was called “Perfect Imperfection”.

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