Tim Berners Lee net worth

Tim Berners Lee net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee net worth

It has been announced that Tim Berners Lee net worth has an estimate of 50 million dollars. Tim Berners Lee is mostly known as a computer scientist, who invented the World Wide Web. This invention made a revolution in the computer world and it also added millions of dollars to the total amount of Tim Berners Lee net worth.

In 1989, Tim Berners Lee issued a proposal to an information management system and later that year the first communication between internet server and Hypertext Transfer Protocol was established. Currently, Tim Berners Lee is known as a director of the World Wide Web Consortium. The establishment is known as the one, which oversees the internet’s always going development. Also, Tim Berners Lee is the one who established World Wide Web Foundation.

In 2004, Tim Berners Lee was recognized by the Queen Elizabeth II, who awarded him for his pioneering work. In 2009, Tim Berners Lee joined the United States National Academy of Sciences. Moreover, during the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, which happened in 2012, Tim Berners Lee was awarded as the Inventor of the World Wide Web.

Thus, it is obvious that this invention not only added millions of dollars to Tim Berners Lee net worth, but also added much fame to him.

The inventor was born in London, England, in 1955. His parents were also involved into computer sciences. They were developing the first commercial computer, called Ferranti Mark 1. From his early childhood, Tim Berners Lee was interested into computers and electronics. He showed his interest into trainspotting and played a lot with his toy railway system.

Moreover, when he finished high school, in 1973 he became a student at Queen’s College in Oxford, where he was studying physics and from which he graduated in physics. After graduation, he soon got a job as an engineer in one telecommunications company. In 1978, he started working at D.G. Nash, where he collaborated in making type setting software for printing. Therefore, these inventions also added extra revenues to the overall amount of Tim Berners Lee net worth.

When Tim Berners Lee was working at CERN, he thought of an idea to develop a project based on hypertext. One of the main aims of this project was to facilitate uploading and sharing information amongst researchers. In order to demonstrate this project, Tim Berners Lee built a system called ENQUIRE.

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