Tina Turner net worth

Tina Turner net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Tina Turner

Tina Turner net worth

Tina Turner is one of the legendary persons in the entertainment industry. It has been claimed that Tina Turner net worth reaches an estimate of 200 million dollars. It has been stated that more than 200 million copies of her albums and singles have been sold on an international scale. Tina Turner’s name is also in the Book of World Guinness Records. It was because she as a solo artist has sold more concert tickets than any other star. Also, selling of tickets to her concerts increased the overall amount of Tina Turner net worth a lot.

Tina Turner was born in Tennessee in 1939. Her real name is known to be Anna Mae Bullock. She has been involved into entertainment industry for 50 years. Tina Turner has accumulated her net worth through her successful careers as an actress and also a singer. These two involvements added millions of dollars to the total estimate of Tina Turner net worth.

When Tina Turner was 18 years old, during summer she was living with her sister and together with her Tina Turner used to appear in some local clubs singing. It was this time when she met Ike Turner.

Tina Turner asked Ike Turner if he would like to listen to her singing and after much debating Ike Turner finally agreed to listen to her. Hearing her singing, Ike Turner decided to have her in his own band, where Tina Turner was nicknamed “Little Ann”.

What is even more interesting is that in 1962 Tina Turner married Ike Turner in Tijuana, Mexico. With him, Tina Turner has four sons, Ronald, Craig, Michael and Ike Jr. The couple started singing as a duo and they released a very well known single called “River Deep, Mountain High” in 1960s. Their song “Proud Mary” is one of the most well known hits in the world of the duo, which is covered by many other artists all the time. Also, the sales of these two both singles added a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Tina Turner net worth.

However, in 1978, Tina Turner officially divorced from Ike Turner. After their divorce, Tina Turner decided to stay involved into music industry. However, her first two albums did not receive much success at all. It was in 1984, when Tina Turner did her successful come back to the industry, when she released a single called “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.

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