Tito Jackson net worth

Tito Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Tito Jackson

Tito Jackson net worth

Tito Jackson is one of the members of the popular Jackson family. It has been stated that the overall amount of Tito Jackson net worth reaches 10 million dollars. He is known as a singer as well as a guitar player. In addition, Tito Jackson was one of the original members of The Jackson 5 band as well as a member of The Jacksons, where he performed with the rest of his family. Both groups increased Tito Jackson net worth, as well. The latter band became extremely popular in the late 1960s, when it signed a record label with Motown label. In the 1970s, the band switched record labels and signed with Epic.

Talking about his family, Tito Jackson is the third eldest son in the Jackson family. He started to get interested into music, when he decided to teach himself how to play guitar. He usually used his father’s guitar while he was away at work. What is even more interesting is that his father did not allow any of his kids to play his guitar, thus, when he found out that it was Tito who broke several strings on his guitar, he lectured him for quite a long time. When Tito Jackson was 8 years old, his father bought him his own guitar.

One year later, his father noticed that Tito Jackson and a couple of other Jackson brothers could sing, so he decided to form a band. The group was called “The Jackson Brothers”. Soon, the band became immensely popular and it immediately also gained a lot of commercial success. In 1966, the band’s name was changed to “The Jackson 5”. Under this name, the band also gained international success, which increased Tito Jackson net worth, as well.

Initially, the band was participating in many talent competitions, winning most of them. Only one year later from their forming, the band began to perform professionally. In 1960s, Tito Jackson also switched to playing electric guitar. In 1967, the band got an opportunity to sign with Steeltown Records. It was also this time, when Tito Jackson and his brothers started recording their songs in Gary, Indiana.

Later, the band moved to Michigan, where it got signed to Motown Records. In 1968, their first single was released titled “Big Boy”. Since that time, Jackson brothers came a long way till they became international sensation. Also, their net worth increased by a mile, including Tito Jackson net worth, too.

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