Todd Chrisley net worth

Todd Chrisley net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley net worth

Although you might think that former real estate agent and reality television star must be rich, Todd Chrisley net worth is actually below zero. Yes, the man is $5 million dollars in debt… Although it is difficult to say who and what precisely is to be blamed for his financial troubles, most people presume that most of them are caused by his drug problems and a lifestyle, which is way too luxurious and lavish for somebody with his income. But let’s not jump to conclusions and take a closer look at the sources of Todd Chrisley net worth (and debt), as well as his personal life.
The star was born in 1969, in Georgia. Still in his early twenties, he met and married a women named Terry. The couple had two kids together: Lindsey (who was born out of wedlock) and Kyle. The later has recently caused his father some headache, as she publicly declared a suspicion that Chrisley is actually gay and for many years has been fooling his wives (yes, he had more than one of them), kids and fans. Moreover, the daughter claimed that her father is currently involved with a local doctor, whose name’s she could not reveal.

In fact, these suspicions came as a shock to barely anyone: Chrisley’s sexuality has been a subject of speculations for many years and we can see why. In the popular mind acid tongue coupled with relentlessly pristine appearance is still associated with homosexuality. The fact that the star calls himself Patriarch of Perfections does not convince of his heterosexuality too…
On the other hand, we don’t have much solid grounds to believe that Todd is actually gay. If anything, the fact that he was married twice and has five children (Lindsie, 24, Kyle, 23, Chase,17, Savannah,16 and Grayson, 7) points towards an opposite direction. However, his estranged daughter Kylie has tried to explain these “evidence” away too. According to her, it was not for Todd Chrisley net worth, his second wife Julie (whom he has married in 1996) would have left him many years ago. But as we have just said, not only Todd has no fortune to offer, he is actually in debt… So whether he is actually gay or not, I guess Julie must have some other reasons to be with him…
Now let’s speak about Chrisley Knows Best, American reality television series airing on the USA Network. The show debuted on March 11, 2014 with more than one million viewers. Over the rest of the season the audience grew to average on 1.16 million. Attracting around 1.5 million viewers per episode, the second season was even more successful. Needless to say, he has not starred on this show for free, hence it must have contributed to Todd Chrisley net worth. So where did all his paychecks go? How did they vanish and left the star indebted? These questions remain to be answered.

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