Todd Hoffman net worth

Todd Hoffman net worth

Net Worth: $250 Thousand

About Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman net worth

It has been claimed that Todd Hoffman net worth reaches an estimate of 250 thousand dollars. A huge part of his net worth has been accumulated during the time, when he was working as an owner of aviation business in Oregon. After this business failed, Todd Hoffman was for quite a long time unemployed, till he finally decided to get involved into gold business, where his father was working and who also inspired Todd Hoffman to get into this business.

Todd Hoffman and his six friends moved to Alaska. The aim to move there was because they were striking for gold and also wanted to establish a community in wilderness of Alaska, where everyone would be living “off the grid”. In addition, the group’s search for gold has been televised, as well. Thus, this is another important source of Todd Hoffman net worth.

The TV show is called “Gold Rush” and is broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. In 2010, Todd Hoffman’s show began to air and it immediately got a huge number of viewership. Initially, the show was called “Gold Rush Alaska”. However, when it was moved to Canada, the name also had to be changed and it got its title of “Gold Rush”.

Also, the TV show has its reruns on TLC channel. In 2013, the fourth season of the show began airing. The show features different groups of miners who are in mining process of gold placer deposits, which are found in Alaska as well as in Guyana and the Klondike.

Talking more about the show, which adds a lot of financial success to Todd Hoffman net worth, the 1st season of the show featured six men, who lost their jobs and were in search of a new life in Alaska. Thus, the men travelled to Alaska in search for gold.

The first season also pointed out that most of the men did not have previous experiences in mining gold, thus, they had to learn this craft from the very start. Season 2 was renamed to “Gold Rush”. The show featured gold mining in another place, which was in the Klondike area in Canada.

In the season 3, the search for gold was continued in a place, where it was in the second season – at the Quartz Creek. However, a couple of other gold miners were also featured in the show, who worked in a different area. The fourth season of the show also gained much viewership, thus, it also increased the overall amount of Todd Hoffman net worth.

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