Tom Anderson net worth

Tom Anderson net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson net worth

Thomas or simply Tom Anderson is an American internet entrepreneur, best known as a cofounder of a popular social network Myspace. Together with Chris DeWolfe, he created this website in 2003 and led it until leaving the company in 2009. Initially, newly created accounts on Myspace included Thomas as a default contact. That’s how Anderson’s face became known to millions of people who have never met him in real life. Currently Tom Anderson net worth is estimated at $60 million.

Tom was born in California, in 1970. Since teenage years, the boy was fascinated with computers and IT. He started hacking under the nickname Lord Flathead while studying in San Paul High school. Around this period Tom befriended Bill Landreth, a member of an exclusive hackers’ club The Inner Circle. Bill is known for the book The Inner Circle: a hackers guide to computer security, which was released in 1986. Although this guide was commercially successful and is currently considered as a best-seller, Bill’s fortune never reached the level of Tom Anderson net worth.

Among hackers Thomas is mostly remembered as the teenager who managed to crack the system of Chase Manhattan Bank.

This assault prompted an FBI raid and nearly got Anderson into a big trouble, but his age allowed him to avoid the charges. After graduating from high school, Tom entered University of California, where he studied English and Rhetoric. With a Bachelor degree he became a singer in unnoticed band entitled Swank and left for Taiwan. Although touring with this band was not financially rewarding and did not add a single penny to Tom Anderson net worth, he remembers this time as one of the most exciting periods in his life.

In early 2000s, Anderson was working at digital storage company XDrive as a copywriter and product tester. He joined XDrive team while still studying in college, looking for some extra cash. That’s where Tom met his future business partner and co-founder of Myspace Chris DeWolfe. For the curious ones: Chris is a former website’s CEO. Under his management Myspace became the most popular online social network in the world, with more than 130 million visitors per day. It was his idea to introduce a free music section, where the beginning artists could upload their records.

This idea is responsible for the rise of such singers as Sean King and Lilly Allen. Despite those achievements, Chris’ fortune is a little inferior to Tom Anderson net worth: he currently holds assets worth $50 million. Anderson and DeWolfe started working together in the beginning of 21th century, when they co-found a direct management firm entitled ResponseBase. Their project MySpace was launched in summer of 2003, as a response to the policy of social network Friendster.

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tom anderson net worth tom anderson net worth

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