Tom Arnold net worth

Tom Arnold net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold net worth

It has been reported that the overall sum of the current Tom Arnold net worth reaches 30 million dollars. Tom Arnold is a comedian and actor and these are considered to be the main sources of his net worth, as well. When he was 23 years old, Tom Arnold started to perform as a stand-up comedian, which later became one of his main careers, which increased Tom Arnold net worth a lot. At the same time, he was attending the University of Iowa, where he was studying business administration and writing. In 1988, Tom Arnold won the Minneapolis Comedy Competition. Because of winning it, Tom Arnold moved to Los Angeles.

There, he got a job as a writer and producer of the popular show called “Roseanne”. The show added first huge sums of money to Tom Arnold net worth, as well. Later, he got his own TV show called “Tom Arnold: The Naked Truth”, in which he appeared and also contributed to writing it. Later, he collaborated into writing and appearing in other shows, such as “The Jackie Thomas Show” and “The Tom Show”.

Since that time, his name became one of the most popular names in television and movie industry.

He is a well known actor to international audiences and can be recognized from productions, such as “Hero”, “True Lies” and “Nine Months”.

Till 2008, Tom Arnold was mostly known as a star from comedy films, however, in 2008 he started to get more mature roles and appeared in dramas more than in comedies. These dramatic roles also added more popularity and success to him and these portrayals could be seen in films such as “Good Dick”, “Gardens of the Night” and “The Year of Getting to Know Us”. These appearances also added up to the total amount of Tom Arnold net worth.

His involvement into acting has been awarded with some notable awards, as well. He is a recipient of a Golden Globe award and the Peabody award. In addition, for four years, Tom Arnold was hosting the TV show called “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”. Thus, hosting TV shows is another source of Tom Arnold net worth.

In addition to his involvement into acting industry, he is also known as a philanthropist. He has been involved into many charities, such as the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Camp del Corazon and the Kayne Eras Center.

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