Tom Berenger net worth

Tom Berenger net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Tom Berenger

Tom Berenger net worth

It has been stated that the overall amount of Tom Berenger net worth is as much as 16 million dollars. However, it has also been stated that his actual net worth is less than that and reaches 8 million dollars. Tom Berenger is mostly known as an actor from the United States. His career into acting has been recognized as well, as he is known as a winner of an Emmy award and he has also been nominated for several Oscar awards, too. Tom Berenger became a huge star when he started to appear in the TV show called “One Life to Live”. This show not only made him popular, but it also added up to the total sum of Tom Berenger net worth.

Initially in his career as an actor, he established himself as an actor from various soap operas. Later, he started to get roles in TV productions and movies, including “Major League” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. These productions also increased the overall size of Tom Berenger net worth. In 1976 he debuted as an actor on screens, when he was chosen to appear in a film called “Rush It”. In the 1980s, he managed to get leading parts in many films, as well.

Currently, he is still appearing on TV as well as in films, but he mostly gets supporting roles in them. Thus, these appearances also add up to the total estimate of Tom Berenger net worth. Tom Berenger can be remembered from the TV show called “Cheers”. For his role in this show, he was awarded with the Emmy award, too. In 1990, he started another career that being of a producer of movies and TV shows. Thus, this is also an important source when it comes to accumulating the total size of his net worth.

Giving some background information about the actor, Tom Berenger was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1949. His real birth name is Thomas Michael Moore and he was raised in a Catholic family. His father was working in the Chicago Sun-Times as a printer. In 1967 he graduated from Rich East High School in Illinois. Later, he enrolled into the University of Missouri in Columbia, where he chose to study journalism. However, after graduation he decided to get involved into acting, which eventually became his main source of fame and income. Tom Berenger has six kids from his four marriages.

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tom berenger net worth tom berenger net worth tom berenger net worth

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