Tom Brady net worth

Tom Brady net worth

Net Worth: $100 Million

About Tom Brady

Tom Brady net worth

Thomas Edward Patrick “Tom” Brady, usually called simply Tom Brady, began his career as an American football player with college football team in the University of Michigan. Right after that he was hired by the New England Patriots (a team belongs to National Football League), where he plays till this day. During 12 seasons with Patriots team Tom Brady net worth has reached $100 million.

Brady was born in California in 1977. It is no wonder the kid decided to bind his life to sports- both of his parents were sport fans and gifted athletes. As a kid, Thomas with his parents and three sisters used to attend 49ers matches, where Brady became a huge fan of Joey Montana, a quarterback of this professional San Francisco team. Many years later, when Brady was a professional football player himself, he revealed it was the impression Montana’s game made on him that encouraged Brady to become a professional footballer himself.

Tom started playing football back in high school and continued to do it later, when he moved to study in the University of Michigan. However, studies at the university appeared to be harder than Tom has initially expected, thus forcing him to take a little break from sports.

After the freshmen year was over, Brady took part in nearly every game of university team and led it to the victory in an Orange Bowl Championship in 1999. Success in collage gave a strong push to his later career and laid grounds for a current Tom Brady net worth.

Despite his impressive game in college, in 2000 draft Brady was picked by the Patriots only in the sixth round of the draft. It does not look like the Patriots have ever regretted this choice. During the first 10 seasons that Tom has played for this New England team, it got to the Super Bowl five times and won this championship three times.

As years went by, the game of Tom gradually improved. Accordingly rose his annual salary and Tom Brady net worth. During his two first two seasons Brady was paid “mare” $200-$300 thousand. In 2002 his annual salary suddenly jumped to over $3 million, peaking at $16 million in the year 2006. Next season his salary received from New England Patriots fell below $10 million line again.

However, salary for playing football is not the only source of his income and is responsible only for the smaller part of Tom Brady net worth. As all the sport stars of his rank Brady earns millions from various endorsements and advertising. Not many people know, but when Brady is not playing football he is doing some modeling!

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Tom Brady net worth Tom Brady net worth

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