Tom Delonge net worth

Tom Delonge net worth

Net Worth: $60 Million

About Tom Delonge

Tom Delonge net worth

Tom Delonge is a well known person in the music industry. It has been stated that the current amount of Tom Delonge net worth reaches 60 million dollars. He has accumulated such a huge net worth not only as a singer and record producer, but also as being an entrepreneur. Tom Delonge is known as a member of a couple of bands, including Angels and Airwaves and Blink-182. The latter group is the one, which has added most of the revenues to Tom Delonge net worth, considering his involvement into music. In this band, he has been playing as a leading bassist as well as one of the leasing singers.

Blink-182 has released five albums. Four out of these five were certified platinum or gold. Thus, the band has been really successful and there is no doubt that it served as a main source of Tom Delonge income, eventually increasing Tom Delonge net worth, as well. Another band in which Tom Delonge was involved was not as successful as Blink-182. Angels and Airwaves released three albums. Only one album out of those three reached gold certification.

Tom Delonge was born in 1975 in California. Also, he started to gain worldwide attention when he began performing with Blink-182.

In addition, his fame was also strengthened when he joined Angels and Airwaves. Thus, it would be wrong to say that the latter band did not add nothing to him.

When Tom Delonge was a teenager, he decided that he wanted to get involved into music industry. The music style in which he was interested at that time was punk rock, which could be felt in the records by Blink-182, too. Tom Delonge did not see his school subjects as interesting as playing guitar. Thus, although his marks in studies were not that high, his abilities in playing guitar amazed everyone.

In high school, Tom Delonge made friends with Mark Hoppus, who also was interested into music. The duo created a band called Blink-182, when they were joined by another member Scott Raynor. The band proved to be a real success in the 1990s and 2000s. It gained international fame, which also increased net worth of all the members of Blink-182, including Tom Delonge net worth. Also, Scott Raynor was later replaced due to his addict to drinking alcohol, thus, the band admitted a new drummer in the band, who was Travis Barker.

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