Tom Felton net worth

Tom Felton net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Tom Felton

Tom Felton net worth

It has been reported that the current sum of Tom Felton net worth is 35 million dollars. Tom Felton is a well known name in the entertainment industry. He is known as both singer and actor, which are the main two sources of Tom Felton net worth.

Tom Felton, as an actor, is known mainly from a popular film called “Harry Potter” and all its series. In this movie, he portrayed a role of Draco Malfoy. The movie proved to be a huge success and it also made popular J. K. Rowling, according to whose novels the movie was built. Tom Felton got the role in the movie when he was only 12 years old. Also, “Harry Potter” series made him an internationally known actor and also started to build a huge Tom Felton net worth.

When he was an eight-year-old, Tom Felton began his career in TV when he appeared in a couple of advertisements. Two years later, he started to audition for films. Ones of his very first appearances were in “Anna and the King” and “The Borrowers”.

Between the years 2001-2011, Tom Felton established himself as one of the most successful child and teenage actors, when he appeared in all 8 films about Harry Potter, which also added up to the overall sum of Tom Felton net worth.

In 2010 and in 2011, Tom Felton was also awarded with the MTV Movie Awards for best portraying a villain in movies “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”.

In 2011, he also appeared in his first movie, which was filmed after Harry Potter film series. The movie was called “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.
Talking about his singing career, he began to sing when he was 8 years old and was soon accepted to his church choir. Moreover, he was also singing in his school’s choir and also was easily admitted to be a part of the Guildford Cathedral choir.

As an actor in commercials, he is mostly known from the TV commercials of Barclaycard and Commercial Union. In 1997, he appeared in his first big movie called “The Borrowers”. Two years later, he appeared in another movie called “Second Sight”. In the same year, he appeared in another film called “Anna and the King”, which was filmed in Malaysia. In this film, he appeared with such stars as Jodie Foster.

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tom felton net worth tom felton net worth tom felton net worth

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