Tom Laughlin net worth

Tom Laughlin net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin net worth

It has been estimated that the total sum of Tom Laughlin net worth reaches 5 million dollars, according to the current calculations. He was a popular actor, who was born in 1931 and passed away in 2013. In addition to being an actor, Tom Laughlin was also a screenwriter, director, author and educator. Moreover, he was a political activist. Tom Laughlin can be remembered from his appearances in the film series of Billy Jack. These films have also added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Tom Laughlin net worth. In 1954, Tom Laughlin married actress Delores Taylor, with whom he stayed up until he died.
In addition to appearing in the films of Billy Jack, he also worked as their co-producer. He was also a pioneer of promoting films in a new way, showing film trailers during national news. In the beginning of the 1960s, Tom Laughlin founded a Montessori preschool in Santa Monica, California. In his last years, Tom Laughlin also tried to get involved in politics and ran for the post of the president in 1992, 2004 and 2008. Tom Laughlin was also a writer. He wrote quite a few essays on cancer and a few books about Jungian psychology.

He was born in 1931 in Minneapolis. However, he was raised in Milwaukee. When he graduated from high school, Tom Laughlin enrolled to study at the University of Wisconsin. Also, he was studying at Marquette University. In both of these institutions, Tom Laughlin belonged to football teams. When he saw the play called “A Streetcar Named Desire”, he decided to become an actor and this career played a huge role in increasing the overall size of Tom Laughlin net worth. He started to attend drama lessons when he was still studying at Marquette University. Tom Laughlin also attended the University of South Dakota, from which he earned his Major’s degree in radio acting, producing and directing.
In 1954, Tom Laughlin wrote the first film of the Billy Jack series. In 1955, he began to appear as an actor, first in the TV series called “Climax!”. Then, he had roles in some feature movies, including “Tea and Sympathy”, “These Wilder Years”, “South Pacific” and “Lafayette Escadrille”. Thus, these film appearances also started to increase the overall estimate of Tom Laughlin net worth.
In the end of the 1950s, Tom Laughlin appeared in more TV series. In 1959, he appeared in the western series called “Riverboat”. In the same year, he appeared in the film called “Gidget”. In 1957, the actor got his first starring part in the film by Robert Altman called “The Delinquents”. In the film, he portrayed the character named Scotty White. In 1960, Tom Laughlin appeared as a director for the first time when his film called “The Proper Time” was released. Then, he worked as a director and a writer for the film called “The Young Sinner”. He also appeared in it. Therefore, all of this work of his has also added up a lot of revenues to the total sum of Tom Laughlin net worth.

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