Tom Welling net worth

Tom Welling net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Tom Welling

Tom Welling net worth

It has been announced that the current estimate of Tom Welling net worth is as high as 12 million dollars. Tom Welling is mostly known as an actor. However, he is involved into behind the scenes of this industry, as well. Tom Welling is also known as a producer and director. In addition, he is an occasional model, as well. Thus, all these careers add a lot to the overall amount of Tom Welling net worth. He is mostly recognized from the TV show called “Smallville”, where he was portraying a role of Clark Kent.

When he was studying in high school, Tom Welling was more involved into sports than into acting. Also, his initial work was in the construction business. In 1998, he switched to a career as a model and modeled for a couple of well known brands for men. In 2000, he turned to his career as an actor and it was proved to be successful. It also started to add huge sums of money to the total sum of Tom Welling net worth.

Because of his most well known role as Clark Kent in the TV show “Smallville”, he has released quite a lot of recognition and awards. In addition to this show, he had some minor and recurring roles in another TV shows and TV series, such as “Judging Amy”.

Talking about him as working behind the scenes, he has produced or directed various films, such as “Cheaper by the Dozen” and its other parts, “Parkland”, “The Fog” and “Draft Day”. Therefore, this involvement also proved to be a success and increased the overall amount of Tom Welling net worth, as well.

Tom Welling was born in 1977 in Hudson Valley. When he was growing up, his family moved a lot and he was living in places, such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Delaware. When he was studying in high school, initially he was interested into acting, however, soon he decided to attend sports classes rather than drama classes. He started playing soccer and basketball. Basketball remained his favorite sports and he is still playing it occasionally. Tom Welling has three siblings, his brother Mark Welling is also known as an actor.

When he auditioned for a role of Clark Kent for “Smallville”, Tom Welling stated that he got to known that he got that part when he was at a gas station and called his manager to know how it went. Soon, he started filming for it and became a huge star.

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