Tony Danza net worth

Tony Danza net worth

Net Worth: $40 Million

About Tony Danza

Tony Danza net worth

It has been announced that the current sum of Tony Danza net worth is as high as 40 million dollars. He is mostly known as an actor, which has been the one, which has brought huge sums of money to his net worth, as well. In addition to his acting career, Tony Danza is also known as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and boxer, and all these sources also added bigger or smaller amounts of revenues to Tony Danza net worth.

Tony Danza is probably mostly known from the sitcom of the 80s, called “Who’s the Boss”. In addition to his appearance in it, Tony Danza also appeared in “Taxi” and “The Tony Danza Show”, which, as the name implies, was his own show, and for which he became a winner of People’s Choice award. In addition, his appearances also earned him numerous awards, such as four Golden Globe nominations and an Emmy award nomination.

Tony Danza was born in 1951 in New York, and his real name is known to be Antonio Salvatore Iadanza. Before he got involved into acting, he was also a boxer, but this involvement did not prove to be as successful as was his acting career.

He became a huge sensation in the industry, when he appeared in a sitcom called “Taxi”, which ran between the years 1978-1983 and this show also added huge sums of money to Tony Danza net worth. Also, these series were described as the best TV series ever created.

When this TV show ended, Tony Danza was casted for a role in another TV show called “Who’s the Boss”, which was broadcasted on the ABC channel between the years 1984-1992. The show also increased the overall amount of Tony Danza net worth. Because this show also proved to be a huge success, it also added up his fame. As a result, Tony Danza also established his own production company, which also became successful.

However, Tony Danza was not so successful in appearing in feature films. However, the most prominent appearances of him were in the following feature productions: “Cannonball Run II”, “She’s Out of Control” and “Going Ape”. For some time, Tony Danze could not be seen in TV screens, however, he came back to them in 1995, when he started appearing in “Hudson Street”. Also, two years later he got his own TV show called “The Tony Danza Show”, which also added up to his popularity.

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