Tony Dow net worth

Tony Dow net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Tony Dow

Tony Dow net worth

Tony Dow is a well known person on TV. It has been estimated that the current size of Tony Dow net worth reaches 4 million dollars. Tony Dow has accumulated his millionaire sized net worth through his careers as a television actor, director, producer and sculptor. Tony Dow is probably mostly known from the TV show called “Leave it to the Beaver”. The show is also known as the one which began to add bigger sums of money to Tony Dow net worth. The show was a huge hit between the years 1957-1963. In this show, Tony Dow was chosen for a role of Wally Cleaver, who was the oldest son of Ward and June Cleaver and was a brother of Theodore Cleaver, nicknamed the Beaver.

Tony Dow was born in 1945 in Hollywood, California. His mother was also involved into acting, whereas his father worked as a general contractor and designer. When he was growing up, Tony Dow was involved into sports more than into cinema. In fact, he became a diving champion during the Junior Olympics.

What is even more interesting is that he got the role of Wally Cleaver in the show “Leave it to the Beaver” when he had almost no acting experience at all, thus it was quite a positive shock for him that he was casted for this role.

Tony Dow was appearing in the series till it was canceled in 1963. Thus, during all this time, Tony Dow net worth increased a lot, too.
The shows and productions in which he appeared after “Leave it to the Beaver” ended were the following ones: “Never Too Young”, “My Three Sons”, “The Greatest Show on Earth”, “Mr. Novak” and “Dr. Kildare”. Thus, these appearances also added up to the overall amount of Tony Dow net worth.

In the period of 1965-1968, he stopped his acting career for a while when he enrolled into the National Guard. When he came back to the screens, Tony Dow appeared in productions, such as “Square Pegs”, “Love American Style”, “The Mod Squad”, “Emergency”, “Adam-12” and “The Hardy Boys”.

In the 1970s, besides his acting career, Tony Dow also started studying filmmaking and journalism and at the same time he also was working in construction industry. In 1987, Tony Dow was honored with the award of Lifetime Achievement due to his portrayal of Wally Cleaver in the show “Leave it to the Beaver”.

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