Tony Fadell net worth

Tony Fadell net worth

Net Worth: $800 Million

About Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell net worth

It has been estimated that the total sum of Tony Fadell net worth is as much as 800 million dollars, which makes him one of the richest people in the world. Tony Fadell, who is also known as Anthony Michael Fadell, has earned such a huge net worth because of his career as an entrepreneur, inventor, designer and investor. In the period of 2006-2008 a huge part of his net worth was accumulated because he was the Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple Inc. at that time. Tony Fadell was working on the first versions of Apple music player and because of it he is also sometimes referred to as “one of the fathers of the iPod”. Thus, his work in Apple has also increased the total size of Tony Fadell net worth.
In 2010 he ventured into his own business activities when he created Nest Labs. In 2011 the first product of Nest Labs was created, which was the Nest Learning Thermostat. Thus, his work in his own company has also increased the overall size of Tony Fadell net worth. In 2014, Nest Labs was bought by Google. Google played approximately 3.2 billion dollars for the company.

In 2015 he was announced to be the leader of the Google Glass division and this involvement is also considered as one of the main current sources of Tony Fadell net worth.
Tony Fadell was born in 1969 and he attended Grosse Pointe South High School in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. Later he enrolled to study at the University of Michigan. He graduated from this university in 1991 from which he earned his BS in Computer Engineering.
While he was still studying there, Tony Fadell was the CEO of Constructive Instruments. Thus, he started his career in business when he was still a student. After graduation, Tony Fadell was working for General Magic, which belongs to Apple and where he stayed for three years. In 1992 he became responsible for the development of many technologies and devices, including Motorola Envoy and Sony Magic Link. In 1995 Tony Fadell started working at Philips. He was one of the founders of Mobile Computing Group. In the company, Tony Fadell worked as the Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Engineering. Thus, his work in Philips made his name even more known and increased the overall size of Tony Fadell net worth a lot.

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