Tony Hawk net worth

Tony Hawk net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk net worth

Anthony Frank Hawk professional, better known as Tony Hawk or by nickname “The Birdman” is n actor and skateboarder from the United States. Hawk is best known for succeeding to make the first documented 900 degrees (2.5 revolution) skateboard spin and his licensed video games. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful modern vertical skateboarders. Tony Hawk net worth is currently estimated at $120 million.

In 2002 he launched an extreme sport exhibition entitled “Boom Boom HuckJam” in Las Vegas. During his lengthy career Tony has made numerous television appearances, performed in the movies and participated in various other TV projects. On his behalf it has to be said that a solid part of Tony Hawk net worth was donated to support philanthropic activities and went to his own foundation, which finances skate-park’s construction in underprivileged districts.

Tony was born in California, in a family of Frank Peter Rupert and Nancy Hawk. As his mother recalled in an interview, as a child Tony was super-active and raised himself very high standards. Once after an unsuccessful baseball mach Hawk felt so dissatisfied with his performance, he has hidden in a ravine and refused to come out.

After hours of begging and talking, trying to calm him down, his father had to physically pull him out of his shelter. The boy’s frustration with himself got his parents so worried, that they took him to the psychologist. The doctor comforted Nancy and Frank by saying that there was nothing wrong with their son.

Quite contrary, he proved to be unusually smart for his own age, scoring 144 on IQ test. The psychologist advised his parents to help him find some niche, where the boy could seek for self-realization and let out his excessive energy resources. Eventually Tony found such a niche all by himself- he became a skateboarder. Not only had the training helped him get rid of frustration, eventually it led him to an impressive career heights and boosted Tony Hawk net worth to tens of millions.

Sadly, it does not look like Tony Hawk net worth and professional success has helped him a lot in dealing with family problems. In 1990 Tony married his long time girlfriend, Cindy Dunbar. Two years later Cindy gave birth to a boy which was named Riley Hawk. Although his parents divorced when the boy was one year old, Riley fallowed his father’s footsteps and became a successful skateboarder. He is currently sponsored by Baker Skateboards and Lakaai Limited Footwear. In 1996 Tony celebrated his second wedding, this time with Erin Lee. The couple brought into the world two boys and divorced in 2004. Two years has passed since his last divorce when Hawk married Lhotse Merriam. By 2011 Tony was single again.

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