Tony Hsieh net worth

Tony Hsieh net worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

About Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh net worth

It has been announced that the current amount of Tony Hsieh net worth is 450 million dollars. Tony Hsieh has accumulated such a high net worth through his career as an internet entrepreneur. In addition to that, he is also a well known venture capitalist. These two sources have added a lot to the total amount of Tony Hsieh net worth. Currently, Tony Hsieh is working on the website called, which is producing shoes and clothing for buying them online. On this website, Tony Hsieh is serving as a CEO. Thus, this involvement is regarded as one of the main sources of Tony Hsieh net worth today.

Before he started working on the mentioned website, Tony Hsieh founded another website called LinkExchange, which is the internet advertising network. However, in 1999, Tony Hsieh sold this company to Microsoft, which paid 265 million dollars for acquiring it. Therefore, before he got involved into, Tony Hsieh was mainly focused on his project of LinkExchange, which also added up to the overall amount of Tony Hsieh net worth.

Tony Hsieh was born in 1973 in a family from Taiwan.

Although Tony Hsieh was born in Illinois, he was raised in California. In 1995, Tony Hsieh earned his degree from Harvard University, where he was a student of computer science. When he was studying there, Tony Hsieh also started his career in business, when he sold pizza to people living in his dormitory. One of his regular customers was Alfred Lin, who later also joined him in working in, where he became the company’s COO and CFO.

Soon after he graduated, Tony Hsieh began working in Oracle Corporation. However, soon Tony Hsieh decided that he did not want to continue working there and he quit this job. After that, he started working on his first popular project LinkExchange. He was joined by Sanjay, who also previously worked in the Oracle Corporation.

In 1996, Tony Hsieh first came up with the idea to found an advertising network, which eventually became LinkExchange. The members who belonged to it got an opportunity to advertise their companies on the banner ads posted on that website. After 90 days of functioning, the website became a huge company and it had more than 20 thousand clients who wanted to get their advertisements on LinkExchange. Thus, it is safe to say that the company also increased Tony Hsieh’s popularity.

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