Tony Romo net worth

Tony Romo net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Tony Romo

Tony Romo net worth

Antonio Ramiro or simply Tony Romo is an American football quarterback, currently playing on the National Football League with Dallas Cowboys. He gained prominence while playing for Eastern Illinois University team, but was not picked in 2003 NFL Draft. Despite that, Tony managed to land a contract with Dallas Cowboys as a free agent. Before replacing Drew Bledsoe as a starting quarterback, Romo played as a holder. In addition to college honors and awards he holds three Pro-Bowl titles (for the year 2006-2009) and Ed Block Courage Award, which he earned in 2011. Tony Romo net worth is currently estimated at $45 million dollars and is still growing.
Tony was born in California and raised in Burlington, Wisconsin. After serving in the United States Navy his father, Ramiro Romo, became a construction worker and carpenter. Meanwhile Tony’s mother, Joan Romo, worked as a clerk in a local grocery store. His athletic ability, which eventually boosted Tony Romo net worth to millions of dollars unfolded at an early age. As a boy he was chosen to join Little League All Star team. In 1998 he joined Burlington High School team as a quarterback.

After graduation from high school Tony enrolled at Eastern Illinois University and entered college football league. During the period 2000-2002, while playing with the Panthers, he has received three All-OVC, three OVC Player of the Year, three All-American titles and Walter Payton Award.
Although the year after college Antonio went undrafted, two teams on the National Football League showed interest in signing him: Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. He chose to join this later team and signed the contracts the same year. Tony Romo net worth shot to the starts in 2006, as he joined the starting five replacing Drew Bledsoe. The millionaire is currently playing in the same position for the tenth season. It looks like his net worth growth is not going to stop any time soon, as Tony has recently signed a six-year extension contract which could be worth more than $100 million. According to the terms of the agreement during this period Romo is going to receive $55 million guaranteed and the rest is expected to come in bonuses.
What about his personal life and love relationships? In 2007 the football quarterback started dating a popular American pop singer and an occasional actress, Jessica Simpson. Their relationship became public as the media printed some photos of Jessica, Tony and some of his colleagues spending time in Cabo San Lucas resort. The two parted ways in summer 2009. For the curious ones, his ex-girlfriend’s fortunes are significantly superior to Tony Romo net worth: Simpson owns $100 million. As for the day, Antonio is married to the former Miss Missouri, Candice Crawford.

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tony romo net worth

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