Tony Sirico net worth

Tony Sirico net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Tony Sirico

Tony Sirico net worth

It has been claimed that the overall amount of Tony Sirico net worth is 16 million dollars, according to the recent calculations. Tony Sirico became famous because of his career as an actor. As such he is mostly known from the TV series called “The Sopranos”, where he appeared as Paulie Gualtieri. This involvement has added a lot to the total estimate of Tony Sirico net worth, as well.
Tony Sirico was born in 1942 in New York City. Before he became a well known actor, Tony Sirico had some legal problems and he was even serving in prison, as he has been arrested close to 30 times. One example of this could be year 1967, when he had to serve in prison because of robbing an after-hours club in Brooklyn. However, he was released after 13 months serving there. It was also during his time in prison when he got interested into acting and realized that this is his true passion. In 1989, a documentary film was released called “The Big Bang”, where Tony Sirico talked about his life before acting.

Tony Sirico, ironically, appeared in films where he mainly starred as a gangster. The examples of such films are as follows: “Mob Queen”, “Mighty Aphrodite”, “The One Man Jury”, “The Last Fight”, “Bullets Over Broadway”, “The Search for One-eye Jimmy”, “Turn of Faith”, “Hello Again”, “Goodfellas”, “Gangsters”, “Fingers”, “Love and Money”, “Innocent Blood” and many more.

All of these movies have also added up to the overall size of Tony Sirico net worth.

However, he became mostly known in 1999 and not due to his appearances in films, but because of his appearance on the already mentioned TV show called “The Sopranos”. In this show, he stayed till 2007 and during this amount of time Tony Sirico net worth increased a lot, as well.

In addition to his appearances as a gangster in the previously mentioned films, Tony Sirico has also portrayed a role of a policeman in a couple of movies, such as “Deconstructing Harry” and “Dead Presidents”.

Tony Sirico has also stated that he is chosen for a role of a football coach in the soon to be released film called “Sports Heaven”. In addition, Tony Sirico will appear in another production called “Zarra’s Law”. In 2013, Tony Sirico served as a voice actor for a couple of episodes on the animated TV series called “Family Guy”, where he was a family’s pet.

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