Tony Yayo net worth

Tony Yayo net worth

Net Worth: $7 Million

About Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo net worth

Tony Yayo, real name Marvin Bernard, is a successful American rapper and the member of famous hip-hop trio G-Unit. This band, formed in Jamaica, also includes Tony’s long time friend and fellow rappers Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent. Since his early career Yayo has worked with a label G-Unit records. He recently landed a contract with EMI Music, British multinational music recording and publishing company, and is currently working on his second solo album. Marvin is also an aspiring entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of subsidiary record label G-U nit Philly. As for the spring 2013, Tony Yayo net worth is estimated at $7 million.
Tony’s professional career started in the early 2000s, as his band-mate 50 Cent gained world-wide recognition as a solo artist. For those who do not know much about him, 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson, is a world famous rapper, investor, entrepreneur and an occasional actor. Compared to 50 Cent’s fortune, which currently amounts to some $260 millions, Tony Yayo net worth seems miserable. With a starting capital from Curtis, the band established its private record company, G-Unit records.

Following this, the three rappers released their first official common album, Beg for Mercy. Due to the success of the singles “Poppin’ Them Thangs”, “Stunt 101”, “Wanna Get to Know You” and “Smile” the album sold over 100 copies during the week following its release. Eventually G-Unit managed to distribute over 700 thousand units of their record and received Gold certification from the Recording Industries Association of America. Needless to say, the sales of Beg for Mercy significantly contributed to the current Tony Yayo net worth.
Tony’s solo career took off in mid 2000s. He gained recognition with a single “So Seductive”, which was later included in his debut solo album, Thoughts of Predicate Felon. Although Yayo is credited as the main writer of “So Seductive”, the hit also features the rhymes of 50 Cent. In an interview with reporters Tony has expressed his long-lasting admiration for this rapper and admitted that his leading single “sounds ten times better” with 50’s voice on it. “So Seductive” was not the only record that attracted attention of the audience. Thoughts of Predicate Felon also featured such hits as “I Know You Don’t Love Me”, “Curious” and “Pimpin”. It sold over 200 thousand copies during the week after release and boosted Tony Yayo net worth to millions of dollars. What about Tony’s personal life? Just like 50 Cent, Yayo has had numerous legal issues. In the end of 2002 the rapper was arrested for unwarranted gun possession and sentenced to spend a year in prison. In 2007 Tony was arrested for using violence against a 14 year old boy, but managed to get away with an out-of court agreement.

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