Torrey DeVitto net worth

Torrey DeVitto net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Torrey DeVitto

Torrey DeVitto net worth

Torrey DeVitto is a popular and successful actress. She is also one of the richest of them as the total amount of Torrey DeVitto net worth has been reported to reach 5 million dollars. In addition to being an actress, she is a musician. Before that, Torrey DeVitto was working as a fashion model and this involvement has also increased the total estimate of Torrey DeVitto net worth.
The actress is probably mostly known to the modern audiences from her appearances in the TV series on ABC Family called “Pretty Little Liars”, where she has been playing the role of Melissa Hastings. Also, Torrey DeVitto played the role of Dr. Meredith Fell in the TV fantasy drama called “The Vampire Diaries”, which aired on The CW Network. She was appearing in another production on this channel, called “One Tree Hill”, where she got the part of the psycho babysitter named Carrie. Thus, all of these TV productions not only made her more known as an actress but also increased the total size of Torrey DeVitto net worth.
Torrey DeVitto was chosen for the role of Maggie Hall in the production on Lifetime called “Army Wives”.

Currently, the actress is appearing in the NBC series called “Chicago Med” as Dr. Natalie Manning and this show is considered as one of the main current sources of increasing the total sum of Torrey DeVitto net worth.
Torrey DeVitto was born in 1984 in Long Island, New York, where she also grew up. Also, she was living in Winter Park, Florida when she was young. Her father was a musician, who played drums for Billy Joel. Torrey DeVitto grew up with her two younger sisters, named Maryelle and Devon. When the sisters were little, they usually would go on tours with their parents. When she was six years old, Torrey DeVitto attended violin lessons. When she became a graduate of Winter Park High School, Torrey DeVitto moved to Japan, where she spent some time working as a model.
The actress began to appear in TV commercials as she considered them to be a stepping stone to bigger TV jobs and finally appearances in films. At the same time, she continued her modeling work and was signed to Ford Modeling Agency and Avenue One agency. In 2002, however, she decided to focus on her acting career, which eventually became the main source of increasing the current size of Torrey DeVitto net worth. In the same year, Torrey DeVitto played violin at the Sunset Room in Hollywood, together with the Tommy Davidson Band. In addition, she played the violin in an album by Stevie Nicks called “In Your Dreams” and in an album by Raphael Saadiq called “Ray Ray”.
In the period of 2005-2006, Torrey DeVitto was appearing as model Karen Kerr in the ABC Family series called “Beautiful People”. In 2006, Torrey DeVitto got the role of Zoe to portray in the horror film called “I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer”. She played guest roles in many other TV productions, such as “Scrubs”, “Drake & Josh” and “Jack & Bobby”.

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