Torrie Wilson net worth

Torrie Wilson net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson net worth

It has been announced that the overall amount of the current Torrie Wilson net worth reaches 5 million dollars. Torrie Wilson has earned a huge part of her net worth because of her career as a professional wrestler, and this involvement also made her name famous. However, currently she is retired from this career. Instead, she is involved into some other activities now, such as modeling, competing as a fitness model and acting. Thus, all of these careers have also increased the total sum of Torrie Wilson net worth.
As a wrestler, Torrie Wilson was appearing in World Wrestling Entertainment as well as World Championship Wrestling. She became known as a fitness competitor. As such, she became a winner of the Miss Galaxy competition in 1999. In 1999 as well she signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling, where she stayed until 2001. It was also the time when it was bought by World Wrestling Entertainment. In 2001 Torrie Wilson became a member of the Invasion storyline and appeared on World Wrestling Federation television. In 2003 she had her most discussed storyline when she feuded with Dawn Marie.

In addition to belonging to this storyline, Torrie Wilson was also a part of Vince’s Devils, the all-female stable. The stable stopped appearing in 2006. Thus, all of this work of hers has also increased the total estimate of Torrie Wilson net worth, in addition to making her name famous. In addition to her career as a professional wrestler, Torrie Wilson has appeared in many magazines. Some examples of these magazines include Playboy and FHM. In the former magazine, she appeared two times.
Torrie Wilson was born in 1975 in Boise, Idaho. Torrie Wilson has stated that when she was growing up, she was a shy kid. When she was in school, Torrie Wilson expressed herself in many activities, such as cheerleading, track and field and dancing. When she was in high school, she got interested into modeling and her mother was the one who encouraged her to take this career. When her mother took to a modeling agency, an agent stated that in order to become a model she had to lose weight. Thus, when she was in the process of losing weight, she battled anorexia and bulimia and this stage lasted when she was 14 years old until she became 20.
After she recovered, Torrie Wilson got interested into fitness, which became another important source of increasing the total size of Torrie Wilson net worth. Torrie Wilson started to work out and eat six times per day. In her first fitness competition, Torrie Wilson ended up with getting a third place. Torrie Wilson was also a member of the Extreme Fitness Team. In 1998 she competed in the Women’s Tri-Fitness Championships, where she became a winner of the Grace and Physique round. In 1998 Torrie Wilson moved to Los Angeles, where she decided to start a career as an actress and this involvement has also added up to the current estimate of Torrie Wilson net worth.

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