Troy Landry net worth

Troy Landry net worth

Net Worth: $650 Thousand

About Troy Landry

Troy Landry net worth

Troy Landry is a well known TV personality. It has been stated that the current sum of Troy Landry net worth reaches an amount of 650 thousand dollars. Troy Landry is known as a TV reality show star as well as a hunter of alligators and these two sources have added a lot to the overall amount of Troy Landry net worth.

He was raised in Louisiana, where he was living a huge part of his life. He is not the only one of his family living there. In fact, three generations of his family were living in Louisiana. Moreover, there Troy Landry is also a well known alligator hunter, which, as has been mentioned, is also one of the main sources of Troy Landry net worth.

In 2010, Troy Landry began appearing a TV show called “Swamp People”. The show is known to be broadcasted on the History Channel and in it he appears with his others co-workers. The series proved to be a huge success. In 2014, it was stated that all in all five seasons of the show have been aired, which consisted of 75 episodes. The show is focused on Troy Landry, his sons and colleagues in their adventures in hunting alligators.

They are also portrayed taking part in a hunting season, which lasts 30 days.

These alligator hunters are known to hunt so many alligators, as it could be enough to feed their families for the rest of the year. Thus, the hunting is quite an intense one. The hunters are also known to be using a lot of particular techniques in hunting alligators, which are passed from generation to generation. The show is known to be one of the most popular ones of the History Channel. Thus, with receiving so much popularity, it has also played an important role into accumulating the total estimate of Troy Landry net worth.

In this show, Troy Landry is also known for his trademark, which is his phrase ‘Choot em’. This phrase is also featured on a lot of merchandise related to the TV show “Swamp People”. Therefore, here is another source of Troy Landry net worth – being a successful seller of “Swam People” merchandise. The show started to be airing in 2010 and since that time, Troy Landry has become probably the most well known alligator hunter in the United States. In February of 2014, the fifth season of the show started.

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