Tyga net worth

Tyga net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Tyga

Tyga net worth

The rapper known by the stage name Tyga was born Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson. As Tyga explains, his pseudonym stands for “Thank You God Always”. The rapper became known for the wider audience after he recorded a single Coconut Juice with his cousin Travie McCoy. After that his major debut album Careless World: Rise of the Last King fallowed. Currently, with a third album just on the way, Tyga net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Tyga was born in Los Angeles and raised in a poor neighborhood in Compton area. One of his parents was of Vietnamese decent and the other originated from Jamaica. They were simple people of a working class and Tyga net worth at that time must have been not much above zero. It seems like in the beginning of his career Michel wanted to keep this early period of his life away from people’s ears. In a recently discovered video, made in 2008 when Tyga was little known, he gave quite the different description of his childhood and teenage year. In that interview Tyga has claimed that he grew up in prestigious district of Valley, in a luxurious house with Mercedes Bens CL600 and Range Rover in the garage.

He also mentioned that his stage name Tyga comes from his mother calling him her little champion Tiger Woods. Some fans of Tyga tried to protect his reputation by stating that the rapper was simply being sarcastic, and the ones who take his words seriously lack the sense of humor. When asked to comment on this video Michel just said that the interview was scripted. Tyga just said what he was asked to say because he was an ambitious teenage boy who wanted to get famous at any cost.

Now let’s get back to the real story of how Tyga net worth got to the present height. Tyga loved rap since he was a kid and used to spend hours just sitting in his room listening to Eminem, Lil Wayne or Fabulous. In 2007 Tyga released his debut mixtape and showed it to his cousin Travie McCoy, a member of a popular hip hop band Gym Class Heroes. Together they recorded a single “Coconut Juice” which became the leading hit of Tyga’s debut album No Introduction.

That’s when Tyga net worth began to grow on the fast track. He was soon offered to work with such stars as Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Kevin McCall and Lil Wayne, whom Tyga used to listen to when he was a teenager. He filmed in four music videos for his songs G Shit, Holla at Me, No Bullshit and Deuces.

This latest song became a real hit on the radio, reached No. 1 position on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and earned a nomination as the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at Grammies. Tyga’s third studio album which is supposed to be released this same year is expected to be even greater success.

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