Tyler The Creator net worth

Tyler The Creator net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator net worth

It has been reported that Tyler the Creator net worth is as high as 4 million dollars. Although in the entertainment industry he is known as Tyler the Creator, he is known as Tyler Gregory Okonma in real life. Tyler the Creator is known as a rapper, hip hop artist and producer from California, which are the main sources of Tyler the Creator net worth.

He started to gain recognition when he formed his band, in which he also performed, called “Odd Future”. He also produced all the mix tapes of the band. In addition to producing albums of “Odd Future”, he has also stated that he is also the one who does all the artwork of the band: he chooses the style of clothes for the band members as well as creates other merchandise.

In 2011, Tyler the Creator merged his record label Odd Future Entertainment with two other record labels, Sony Music Entertainment and RED Distribution. Although his first album “Goblin” was released under a different label, his second one was produced by this merger. The second album was called “Wolf”. The album proved to be really successful. It landed in the Top 5 on the Billboard chart and received a lot of positive comments from critics.

Moreover, 90 thousand copies of the album were sold, which also increased the total amount of Tyler the Creator net worth.

Tyler the Creator grew up without a father in California. When he was seven years old, he would create his own album covers without even actually creating any music. When drawing these album covers, he would imagine that these albums were his. When he was 14 years old, Tyler the Creator began to play piano. One of the most interesting things about his education is that during those 12 years, Tyler the Creator changed 12 schools in the areas of Los Angeles and Sacramento.

In 2009, without the help from anybody else, Tyler the Creator released his first album which was called “Bastard”. His second album was released two years later and was called “Goblin”. In the same year he released music video for his single “Yonkers”. The video clip later became available to be purchased on iTunes. After the release of this video, Tyler the Creator signed a record deal with XL Recordings. His career in music industry started to take off and began to accumulate Tyler the Creator net worth.

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