Vanilla Ice net worth

Vanilla Ice net worth

Net Worth: $18 Million

About Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice net worth

Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Mathew Van Winkle, is a rapper from the United States, South Dallas. His debut album Hooked was released in 1989 under the label Ichibin Records, but did not attract popular attention. He rose to prominence after the same album was reformed, entitled To the Extreme and released through SBK Records. The record featured Vanilla’s single “Ice Ice Baby”, which soon became the first rap song to top the mainstream Billboard charts. Vanilla Ice net worth is currently estimated at $18 million dollars.

Although the contract with SBK brought Van Winkle a popular recognition, in one of his interviews the artist admitted he later regretted signing this deal. SBK changed Vanilla’s music style so drastically, that his tracks became hardly recognizable to himself. It even published fabricated histories about his early life, trying to mold Robert into one of the teenage gods. Vanilla Ice net worth did not compensate for the loss of control over his own personality and pushed the artist into such a deep depression, he even tried to commit suicide. After this episode Van Winkle realized he has reached the bottom and it was time to come back to his roots. After the singer changed his sound from mainstream to more rock-oriented, his audience decreased dramatically and Vanilla Ice net worth growth slowed down. However, the audience that remained with him consisted of the most committed fans, which followed Vanilla through the rest of his career.

In 2009 Vanilla started hosting a reality documentary series The Vanilla Ice Project. The show became an instant success, made it to the Cable Fax Awards finals and won numerous awards, including Hermes platinum Press Awards and Factual Entertainment Award. The salary for hosting this show is responsible for a good bulk of current Vanilla Ice net worth. The popularity of Vanilla Ice Project encouraged the rapper to launch a spin-off business, to organize training courses for people who want to start investing in real estate, but lack specific knowledge and experience. In 2011 Van Winkle released the sixth and so far the last studio album, entitled W.T.F. (don’t get confused, it stands for Wisdom, Tenacity and Focus). It featured singles like “Turn it Up”, “Born on Halloween” and “Rockstar Party”.

Apparently, Vanilla Ice net worth did not help him avoid the legal issues. In 1991 Robert was arrested for pointing a gun towards a homeless person. The whole conflict spurred out because the poor bustard was trying to sell Van Winkle a silver chain, which was probably stolen. In 2001 Robert was charged with assaulting his fife Laura, which he married in 1997. In the court Vanilla has claimed that he has pulled her hair in order to stop her from jumping out of the driving car, after the couple had a huge fight. Excuses did not melt the judge’s heart and Robert was sentenced for probation.

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