Vanna White net worth

Vanna White net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Vanna White

Vanna White net worth

Vanna White, born as Vanna Marie Rosich, is an American film actress and television personality. She rose to prominence in the early 1980s, when she started hosting a popular game show A Wheel of Fortune. Vanna debuted on television featuring on the opening episode of The Price Is Right, where she was one of the first contestants. Although she did not win the game, her enthusiasm and self confidence charmed both the audience and producers. In 1982, when Susan Stafford unexpectedly left her position on The Wheel of Fortune, White was offered a chance to replace her as the new hostess. After more than twenty years on the show, Vanna White net worth is estimated at $15 million dollar.

Vanna was born in South Carolina, in a family of Miguel Angel and Joan Marie Rosich. Her Puerto Rican father walked on the family when Vanna was still a toddler. Her mother eventually remarried to a real estate agent Herbert Stackley White and the girl was given his family name. Vanna’s popularity reached its highest point in the eighties, when Wheel of Fortune was syndicated all over the country. In 1987 she published an autobiography, entitled Vanna Speaks! The book became a bestseller and added a solid sum to Vanna White net worth.

What raised the public interest in White’s life was actually a horrible tragedy that fell on her the previous year. Since the early 80s Vanna has been dating a formed Chippendale dancer and actor John Gibson. The happy couple was planning their wedding when John was killed in the plane crash in 1986. It although this event increased the public curiosity and arguably contributed to Vanna White net worth growth, it is impossible to imagine that money could not cover for such a horrible loss.

In 1988 White debuted as an actress, appearing on NBC’s Goddess of Love. In this movie Vanna played Venus, while Betsy Palmer portrayed Juno. For those who are wondering, Betsy is a former American actress and hostess, best known for her role on the movie Friday the 13th. The film was universally judged as “one big mistake” and Vanna’s performance was famously described as “wheely bad”. Although this cinematic disaster hampered Vanna’s career in Hollywood, she made a number of cameo appearances in shows like Simon and Simon, L.A. Law, 227, Naked Gun 33?: The Final Insult, Full House and Married… with Children. Each of those appearances is responsible for a tiny part of Vanna White net worth. What about her personal life? In 1990 Vanna finally recovered after the death of John and married George San Pietro. Before their divorce in 2002, White gave birth to two kids, Giovanna and Nicholas.

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