Vera Wang net worth

Vera Wang net worth

Net Worth: $115 Million

About Vera Wang

Vera Wang net worth

Vera Wang is one of the most famous designers of Chinese descent. It has been reported that the current sum of Vera Wang net worth reaches 115 million dollars. As it has been mentioned, Vera Wang has accumulated her net worth through her career as a fashion designer. Before she got involved in this industry, she was a figure skater. As a fashion designer, Vera Wang is mostly known for her exquisite collections of bridal wear and clothes for wedding ceremonies. These collections of hers are loved all around the world and they increase not only popularity and success of her, but also add a lot of revenues to Vera Wang net worth. In addition, Vera Wang is also known as a designer for clothes for figure skaters. She is designing clothing for competitions as well as exhibitions.

Vera Wang was born in 1949 in New York. Her parents were growing up in China. However, in the 1940s they moved to the United States, where Vena Wang was born as well as raised. Her mother was working as a translator for the United Nations, whereas her father was involved into medicine. After graduation from high school in 1967, Vera Wang studied at the University of Paris.

Moreover, she was also a student at Sarah Lawrence College, where she was studying art history.

When she was 6 years old, Vera Wang started to attend figure skating lessons. While she was studying in high school, she was already attending competitions and winning many of them. In 1968, she and her skating partner James Stuart participated in the Figure Skating Championships. In 1968, Vera Wang’s face appeared in the Sports Illustrated, in its column “Faces in the Crowd”.
However, when she entered US Olympics team unsuccessfully, Vera Wang got involved into fashion designing, which started to add huge sums of money to Vera Wang net worth. However, she is still figure skating for her own pleasure.

In 1989, Vera Wang married Arthur Becker. They were living in Manhattan with their two adopted daughters, who are both students at colleges now. One of them, Cecilia, is attending the University of Pennsylvania, whereas Josephine is a student at the Harvard University. However, Vera Wang and Arthur Becker separated in 2012.

In 1970, Vera Wang worked as an editor for the Vogue magazine. However, she soon left this position and focused on her own designing line, which has been mainly focused on designing clothing for wedding, and which brings huge sums of money to Vera Wang net worth.

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