Vicki Lawrence net worth

Vicki Lawrence net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence net worth

It has been announced that the current amount of Vicki Lawrence net worth is as high as 8 million dollars. Vicki Lawrence is a well known actress, comedian and singer. In the period of 1967-1978, the actress was appearing in the TV series called “The Carol Burnett Show” on CBS. In the show, she originated many popular characters. She stayed in the show for its entire run and it also increased the total size of Vicki Lawrence net worth a lot. Vicki Lawrence originated the character named Thelma Harper/Mama, according to which NBC created the series called “Mama’s Family”.
In addition to her acting career, Vicki Lawrence is a singer. In 1973, she released a single called “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”. The single landed in the top place in the United States and Canada’s music charts. In addition,

Vicki Lawrence has co-written a few books. Her career has been nominated for a couple of Emmy Awards. She became a winner of one of them in 1976. Vicki Lawrence has been nominated for many Golden Globe Awards for her work on the mentioned show, “The Carol Burnett Show”.
Vicki Lawrence has appeared in many TV shows as a guest, such as “The Love Boat”, “Diagnosis Murder”, “Laverne and Shirley”, “Murder She Wrote” and “Roseanne”. These appearances not only made her name more known, but also increased the current estimate of Vicki Lawrence net worth. One of the recent roles, which she has portrayed, has been as Mamaw in the TV production called “Hannah Montana”. Vicki Lawrence is a regular host of the show, which is not televised, called “Vicki Lawrence & Mama: A Two-Woman Show”.
She was born in 1949 in Inglewood, California. After high school, Vicki Lawrence wanted to become a dental hygienist. At the same time when she was appearing on “The Carol Burnett Show”, Vicki Lawrence was studying at UCLA. However, she dropped out to focus on her work as an actress, which has added up a lot of revenues to the total amount of Vicki Lawrence net worth. Talking about the show, called “Mama’s Family”, it was broadcasted in the period of 1983-1985. She reprised her role of Mama in it and it made her name even more well known as the series were quite a success. Vicki Lawrence has appeared as a host of various shows, too. She hosted the show on NBC called “Win, Lose or Draw”.
She has appeared as a judge on various other shows, including “Password”, “Super Password” and “Password Plus”. Vicki Lawrence had her own show called “Vicki!”, where she was appearing in the period of 1992-1994. For her role in it, Vicki Lawrence was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Talk Show in 1993. Vicki Lawrence has been touring the country as a ‘two-woman’ show, one being as herself and another one as the character Thelma Harper/Mama. The actress has appeared as a voice of the character named Flo in the animated series called “Hermie and Friends”.

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